Surge eCommerce Sales by Hiring an Amazon Assistant

This article is for you if you are one of the 9.7 million Amazon sellers globally. The question you should ponder is – do you want to increase your eCommerce sales? Amazon sellers are still reaping benefits by being on this platform.

However, with popularity comes increased competition. Amazon sellers can’t relax but must use all tools available. This would include hiring an Amazon Assistant to beat off the competition and gain market share.

Tips to boost your eCommerce sales

Even though the competition on Amazon can be cutthroat, there is some relief for Amazon sellers. This is because many companies selling on Amazon are not as efficient as they should be.

Problems include badly written listings, poorly run promotions, and low-quality images. Here are some tips to boost your listings and increase your sales.

More good news! Many sellers aren’t running their businesses as efficiently as they could. There are still many sellers with poorly written listings, low-quality images, and not running effective promotions. Such presents an opportunity for you. 

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Optimize your listing for sales.

First things first – your listing needs to shine. You only have one chance to impress before the customer moves on. Apply intelligence to your copy, eliminating any product-description errors. Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and unclear or badly written sentences will do your business a disservice.

Also, make sure that your text is easy to read. Your write-up should indicate the benefits of your product, underlining why the client should buy it.

You can use bold text or caps to draw attention to some words or descriptions. Just note that a listing is not only about keywords. Think like your readers, and ensure your write-up speaks to them.

Don’t forget about mobiles.

Your write-up must then be optimized for mobile phones. With more than 60% of people using mobile handsets, you don’t want to miss this market segment. Check on desktop and mobile phones to ensure everything is correct.

Get more reviews

Reviews help to build trust with potential buyers. Besides the confidence they offer, allaying doubts and more reviews are best. No matter whether you already have many reviews – they are not enough. Consumers are likelier to buy a product with ten times more reviews than other products.

One way of boosting your reviews would be to do a trade exchange. You offer free products in exchange for honest reviews or offer a coupon incentive to increase your reviews.

The more positive the review, the higher your product will rank! But use SEO optimization with your reviews for the best effect. However, your product may attract suspicion if your reviews are all five stars. Companies in the past have also deceitfully written false reviews about other products to discredit the competition.

hiring an Amazon assistant for this Amazon seller

Improve your images

Don’t ever ignore your photos and their impact on your bottom line. Attractive images can drive people to look at your pages, while bad images can put them off. Moreover, a low-quality photo indicates a poor product. Don’t create an excuse for a client to ignore you. Also, ensure you do not over-edit your images so the client will be disappointed when the product arrives. The result would be a nasty review. And you don’t want anything like that. Obtain good-quality images and ensure they are authentically edited.

Is your pricing on par? 

As mentioned before, competition is fierce, and you have only a few seconds to make an impression. More so, Amazon’s market is middle-class people seeking slightly lower products to buy a good deal. If you overprice your products, you will cut your sales dramatically. If your product cost is too high and you can’t afford to drop your price, consider whether Amazon is your eCommerce platform. You can use a repricing tool to change your pricing. But again, don’t drop your prices too low either – keep costs competitive. Remember, you can always do promotions when your income dips slightly.

Make use of Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

FBA might not make things easier for you – but your sales will do well. The reason for this is the benefit Amazon Prime offers regarding shipping. Clients appreciate prompt, free shipping − especially the free shipping.

Run PPC campaigns

As with most online platforms, paid listings do better than organic search results. PPC is an effective method of increasing your Amazon sales. It does mean spending funds on ad campaigns. But make sure that your campaigns are optimized to enhance your results.

Run Amazon promotions

Promotions will draw the client’s attention, especially Amazon clients. Here, you can run promotions either on or off Amazon. Either way, this is the easiest way to boost sales, especially if you want to eliminate your stock. But if you run an on-Amazon promo, consider a 7-day deal, lighting deals, or offering Amazon coupons. You will have more visibility when you select one of these methods. Still, don’t ignore offsite promotions. When on Amazon, promos will sell more to people already on Amazon. Off Amazon, you will drive sales with the aid of external traffic. Here, you can run promos on Facebook or Google.

Get help

You may not know how to make the best use of these tips. Perhaps you have not yet tried them. Or maybe you are time-poor. This is when you should consider taking on some help. Hiring staff can be expensive. A virtual assistant is then the ideal hire. You can select any number of different virtual assistants based on your needs. For instance, you can hire a generalist, such as a virtual Amazon assistant. On the other hand, if you require editing, you can seek a virtual editing assistant. If copywriting is not your skill, then hire a virtual content writer.

Don’t wait – make the change now.

The competition on Amazon is growing, and the last thing you want is to lose market share. Instead, increase your marketing share by beating the competition. There are various steps you can take. If you need help with a virtual assistant – contact us. You can book a complimentary call to discuss your unique needs.

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