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Last Updated on September 13, 2023

Amazon is a well-known brand, with more than 300 million clients, globally. This eCommerce platform uses a suite of tools to assist existing and new eCommerce resellers to reach their clients through a product-orientation infrastructure.

That said, the trends for eCommerce indicate ongoing growth, which is alluring for entrepreneurs and others who want to boost their profits.

That said, to make it manageable, outsourcing offers the solution – namely, remote assistants offering Amazon virtual assistant services.

This is the focus of this article, to identify the benefits an Amazon virtual assistant can offer an eCommerce business and what tasks can be delegated to them.

But before we explore these, we should first look more closely at the gains Amazon offers eCommerce businesses.

The benefits for eCommerce businesses to sell on Amazon


You can open your eCommerce store quickly, with minimal effort required to set up the online store.

Efficiency and scalability

There are fewer business decisions and problems, which means that the owner can spend more time sourcing good products. Selling on Amazon gives access to their infrastructure, customer base, and tools.


Amazon has about 300 million clients globally − of these, about half are Amazon Prime members.

The benefit of this is that the Amazon seller buys into the awareness this eCommerce platform offers its clients.

Online support

An eCommerce business selling on Amazon has access to its tools, which include payment portals, the ability to manage customer reviews, and the ability to run promotions, to name a few.


Amazon also offers free online tutorials via their Seller University. Amazon also offers tips via the seller forums, which is an online discussion board to assist Amazon sellers.

Built-in SEO

To assist sellers posting on Amazon, the product pages offer SEO tips to optimize your pages.

Amazon does, however, not write the pages for you. Amazon simply offers you guidance. The onus is on the owners to build their own pages.

A virtual Amazon assistant

An Amazon virtual assistant assists an Amazon business by working remotely, achieving various tasks to ensure that the online store operates optimally.

Tasks can differ; however, they normally range from administration tasks to product sourcing.

A virtual assistant, by comparison with an onsite assistant, offers certain benefits for an online business: 

  • The costs are much lower since business overheads are reduced. 
  • The virtual assistant can take over the low-level tasks freeing up your own time to focus on more important tasks. If your operation is small, there is no need for you to provide additional office space since virtual assistants work from their own home office. 
  • Also, there are almost no employee obligations towards the virtual assistant you hire.

Amazon virtual assistant services helped to increase sales

The key tasks of a virtual Amazon assistant

Product research

A critical element for an eCommerce business that resells on Amazon is to have great products that clients want to buy.

Your assistant can therefore help to research and source these products.

This means that the assistant will obtain the best rates (normally the wholesale rate), then bargain with the supplier, sourcing samples so that you can make an informed decision before signing an order agreement with the supplier.

Amazon competitor analysis

Your assistant can be tasked with conducting a competitor analysis. This information is particularly important if you have competitors selling very similar products.

Nevertheless, conducting such research can be time-consuming, however necessary.

The virtual assistant can conduct this research and provide you with accurate information.

Customer service

Offering good customer support is important if you want to grow your business and maintain your old clients.

By offering good customer support, you can improve your reviews.

What your assistant can do is draft templates used to respond to clients.

These can be applied to address client concerns and queries, confirm FBM orders, and deal with product replacements and refunds.

Amazon listing conception and optimization

As mentioned above, Amazon offers its online sellers the tools to optimize their chances of selling.

However, you still need to draft their listings. You must make use of all the tools available to ensure that you have optimized your pages.

This is what a virtual assistant can do, double-check that all has been correctly installed and applied.

The assistant would regularly check to optimize these various listings.

This can include using the current keywords that are trending on Amazon and tracking the performance of the listings.

Process orders

A virtual Amazon assistant can assist with processing the orders, gaining the Amazon barcodes, downloading shipping labels, and checking that shipping and deliveries are all running smoothly.

Assist with image enhancement

Your product’s images can affect your sales. Therefore, your virtual assistant can help with tasks such as designing your business logo, enhancing the photos of the products that you want to be listed, and creating infographics if any such are needed.

Let a virtual assistant offer you top Amazon Virtual Assistant Services

If you want to boost your sales, or even if you need help to start an eCommerce business on Amazon, hiring an Amazon virtual assistant is the way to go.

More so, with Amazon, although an online site, there is a great deal of customer interfacing required, from answering queries to dealing with complaints.

Most of this type of work is low-level and time-consuming. However, hiring a virtual assistant does not only free up your own time; it will cost you less than having to do it yourself.

Moreover, an Amazon virtual assistant will have experience working on Amazon, which is a regulation-dominated ecosystem.

One needs to know one’s way around the site. A virtual assistant can offer instant value while you scale your business online.

why use a virtual assistant

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