Telemarketing Assistant & Virtual Call Centre = Good

To grow your business, you might want to convert your hot leads or reconnect with old clients. But the best idea is to have the right people to accomplish the right tasks. If you want to start up or have an existing virtual call center, you want to onboard the best telemarketing assistant to engage with your client base.

In addition, even though telemarketing support is viewed as a non-technical position, it does involve solid skill sets, especially when dealing with consumers in a professional and friendly manner.

A call center is a crucial element for your clients’ customer-oriented service.

This will help boost customer satisfaction and add to your revenue.

A Virtual Telemarketing Assistant

A virtual telemarketing assistant or virtual call center agent offers phone (and email) support. Such a person does not work at the business’s premises but remotely from their home office, which offers substantial business benefits. For one thing, establishing a call center can be costly.

However, opting to go virtual can radically reduce these costs. The real benefit applies to small businesses or start-ups that want to control their costs and make the most of what they have. Companies in countries where the local workforce is expensive can also thrive, such as Australia.

By outsourcing, a company based in a country such as Australia can save up to 70% on its total business operating costs.

Virtual assistants do not need to work in a physical space to complete the task of assisting clients. Virtual assistants can be scattered. However, they should be in a time zone similar to your client base.

It is also suggested that they be native-English speakers to conform with the language used by your company. 

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Meet Your New Virtual Call Center

When a customer calls your customer support number, the call will be redirected to a virtual assistant. The client would think they are calling a physical call center; they will not know otherwise. Meanwhile, the telemarketing assistant would work in a quiet office, answering calls and responding to emails.

There, the virtual assistant can assist the clients with their queries. These queries can range from checking the status of orders they have made on your eCommerce store if that is your business. Regardless of your business, this would free up your time so you do not have to deal with a customer-facing role. Equally, the client does not experience any delays in gaining an answer to their query.

The Key Benefits of a Virtual Call Center

Besides the cost-saving benefits, the primary use is ensuring your clients receive the best customer service possible. If you are scaling and still growing, you might have a period of the year when you need added support. Outsourcing your call center allows for this.

This also means that as the demand dies down, you can scale down, and when it becomes business again, you can scale up by hiring a telemarketer to assist you.

Additionally, your company will be available to your clients, which is very important if you are an eCommerce business trading across several countries and even on different continents. Professional customer service will make your business more acceptable.

Besides adding customer confidence, it will enhance the trust factor. Trust is essential, especially if a client is unfamiliar with a company or brand. You can catapult your efforts just by having a virtual call center.

Tasks of a Telemarketing Assistant

A virtual telemarketing assistant can assist with numerous tasks. More than just answering the phones or responding to emails, they can also assist with circle prospecting, cold calling to gain more clients, helping with appointment setting and other bookings, making sales calls, taking payments, delving into market research, offering lead generation, and nurturing services.

For instance, circle prospecting aims to increase your database and gain more bookings or appointments. You need the clients to trust the brand to build a more extensive database. The company cannot do this simply by selling and cold calling.

Although these are valuable activities, there must be a balance; one must not push clients away. A more neutral approach would be only to consider incoming calls and assist with appointment settings.

The Bottom Line: Telemarketing Assistant & Virtual Call Centre

A virtual call center and a virtual telemarketing assistant can be assets to any business. For instance, with an online store, having customer support allows the client to make purchases more readily, knowing there is help with after-care service and a person answering their calls. This builds the business’s reputation and creates trust.

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