Why should law firms hire a virtual legal assistant?

By the nature of their work, law firms have a lot of administrative work to deal with. Moreover, the competition is tough, and firms need to think and act like corporations, which means using all their means to attract clients.

This can include a social-media marketing component and a well-designed website to attract clients and engage with them. However, all these add-ons can be difficult to manage, especially if you lack the time and knowledge to attend to them.

However, hiring a virtual legal assistant can be a good idea here. Such hiring can be done economically, and you will gain the talent to complete the tasks.

What, however, is a virtual legal assistant?

A virtual legal assistant is a good option for your law firm if you are not ready for additional on-site full-time employees. A virtual legal assistant could save the law firm cash. The cost of hiring a virtual legal assistant is well below hiring an additional lawyer or internal worker. Instead, a virtual legal helper works remotely, completing any of several tasks assigned to them.

The topmost benefits a law firm can gain when hiring a virtual legal assistant

  • Saving you money and time – If you or any of your team are attorneys, the question would be: why would you be involved in social media management or even HR duties? This is not what you have studied, and you are possibly not skilled at. This is not a problem. However, there is help by way of your virtual assistant. When a remote worker completes the tasks mentioned above, the work is done and done for much less than what it would have cost you or any of your team to accomplish. Moreover, your team can focus on your core work while growing.
  • Offer better service—With the help of your assistant, you can give your clients more attention while you work on strategic plans to upscale your firm. Using social media channels and a reliable website, your clients can get the latest news about your growing firm and share their successes with you. Your clients will enjoy a top-notch experience, setting you apart from competitors.
  • Boost whole business efficiency—Having a virtual legal worker on board means that tasks will be completed on time and emails will be answered promptly. In addition, your assistant can conduct legal research and help with client management, augmenting the firm’s efficiency.
  • Restoring work-life balance – It might seem mundane, but the workload can take its toll if you are alone in your firm. Overwork can affect your free time and the time you want to spend with your family and friends. Hiring a remote assistant can help to restore this balance cost-effectively.

What tasks can be outsourced to a virtual legal assistant?

The specific work, or the virtual legal assistant jobs, will depend on the firm’s needs, but here are the most in-demand requests:

  • Legal writing and research – Research and writing are essential functions in most legal practices, and without this type of research, lawyers cannot successfully close their cases. However, researching and writing reports can be a laborious process. Here, remote workers can help – they will have the right degrees and the tools to complete the tasks seamlessly.
  • Contract assessment and management—Legal contracts should be managed with meticulous detail. To prevent errors, the contracts must be adequately reviewed. This additional work for your team can mean you need further help to complete these tasks. Still, a virtual assistant can do this for you.
  • Legal accounting – Handling accounting books is not for every lawyer. A lawyer might not have the skills and familiarity to handle accounting books. In such a situation, subcontracting legal accounting to the virtual legal work can be used. Managing finances is multifaceted, arduous, and involves expertise. However, a virtual legal assistant can maintain the books as current and provide access to lawyers to review their statements whenever needed. 
  • Paralegal – Hiring a virtual paralegal assistant can benefit a legal firm. A paralegal completes managing and gathering evidence for a lawsuit, office administration, replying to calls and emails, and more. Virtual paralegal services can work their tasks within your budget and on time.
  • Legal data entryData entry is a much-overlooked task, yet it is vital for many businesses, legal firms being no exception. Spending your time on the least essential work will sooner or later hamper a legal firm’s progress prospects. Consequently, subcontracting legal data entry to a dependable virtual assistant will guarantee that all your data is captured and saved in the correct format.

So, why should law firms hire a virtual legal assistant?

The benefits of virtual legal assistants are increasing. The two primary uses for law firms are saving money and giving the owner/manager more time to focus on core work. Moreover, as in other industries, virtual assistants have helped many companies proliferate while increasing their profits.

3 Key Takeaways 

The key takeaways from this article are:

  • Law firms have a lot of administrative work that cuts into billable hours and client attention.
  • Hiring a virtual legal assistant is a cost-effective way to free up lawyers’ time and improve overall efficiency.
  • Virtual legal assistants can handle various tasks, including social media management, legal research, contract review, legal accounting, paralegal work, and data entry.
  • By using a virtual legal assistant, law firms can save money, improve client service, boost efficiency, restore work-life balance for lawyers, and grow their business.


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