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You are a busy real estate agent, and you are doing well. But do you need help managing your schedule, appointment-setting, and lead generation? The goal is to boost your property sales, helping you make the maximum amount possible.

In so doing, you can retire early. Until that is possible, you must deal with your biggest challenges. However, you do not need to do this alone. A virtual real estate personal assistant might be the person to help you. More so, this can be a cost-effective staffing solution.

Real estate agents’ biggest challenges

The challenges real estate agents deal with include more than simply finding buyers. There might be challenges with a lack of inventory, more and more competition, having to deal with advanced technology, and having a solid database.

A personal assistant for a broker can be helpful to overcome these challenges and help you move to the next level.

How a virtual personal assistant can assist

A virtual personal assistant is more than just someone helping to take care of your admin tasks. Such a person will free up your time so you can apply yourself to your clients, growing your profits.

You can then take on more work and focus on the higher-value tasks. If you want more closes this year, you must onboard a virtual personal assistant for a real estate agent today.

Let your assistant help you with more than just basic admin-related tasks. Have such a person help with your marketing (mainly digital marketing), lead generation, lease agreements, a contract, appraisal, escrow properties, appointment scheduling, and setting meetings.

When you hire a virtual assistant, you do not only obtain someone to help you with your low-level tasks. Such an assistant can provide up-to-date technological knowledge.

For instance, the assistant will know how to use lead generation software to gain solid leads. They will also learn how to conduct an email campaign properly, starting with warming up your email address.

But ask yourself − what is the main reason for hiring a virtual real-estate assistant?

new listing found by a real estate personal assistant

The main reason why you should hire a virtual real-estate assistant

The easy tasks are usually the most time-consuming. These tasks include following up on emails, reconnecting with past clients, tracking third-party suppliers, and scheduling appointment-setting.

Your social media channels must also be handled, your website updated, and hours must be spent exploring good leads. Many real estate agents try to do everything themselves, thinking this will save them money. Such people believe that they can’t afford help.

This is also a misunderstanding of the expense of hiring a virtual assistant. Such a hire will amount to only a fraction of the cost of an on-site employee. A virtual personal assistant does not require payment of additional taxes, including employment benefits or other operational costs. Virtual assistants work remotely as consultants from their own home offices.

Moreover, their hiring costs are much lower than what you would have to pay yourself for doing the work – and this is how you save money and grow your profits.

How do you go about hiring a virtual personal assistant?

When it comes to hiring any virtual assistant, there are some things you should keep in mind. Note the tasks that take up your time that you want to outsource.

Add another list of tasks you wish you could manage but lack skills for. Also, consider outsourcing these if you are uncomfortable with social media or website management.

Note the areas you wish you could focus more of your time on and where you could increase your income. You might prefer to do some tasks yourself – such as dealing directly with your top clients.

Aristo Sourcing founder Mads Singers says, “It is fundamental that you focus on your core work, and if that includes offering impeccable communication and service, then you should ensure that part is done excellently.”

Hiring a remote personal assistant or real estate assistant for your realty business can help you offer superb customer service. Contact our outsourcing experts when you have checked your business needs and wants.

With their in-depth industry knowledge, they will help you fine-tune your needs. You can learn more about how we hire great people by visiting our How it Works page.

If you want to expand even more, do this.

If you have scaled your business and want to take it even further, consider using additional, skilled virtual assistants. These assistants can be seasonal.

For instance, a virtual graphic artist can prepare you with the perfect branding and creatives that will gain the attention of both buyers and sellers. If you do not have a website or are somewhat dated, consider a virtual website and a software assistant.

Let them restyle your website to match your branding and values—all you can do on a budget. The benefit of hiring such virtual assistants is that they allow you to remain flexible as you scale, changing with you whenever you need to.

The bottom line

When you want to increase your profits, you need to identify and outsource your low-level tasks. It’s really that simple. Outsourcing allows you to gain access to great people with excellent skills, which you would otherwise not be able to afford.

The savings you can put away or reinvest. Either way, over the long term, you will save. The perfect aid to a real estate agent is a personal assistant. A virtual personal assistant can take care of all your non-core tasks, giving you more time to focus on the high-level functioning of your business.

You can then build stronger relationships and have more time to maintain these relationships with your clients, including all the new clients your remote assistant will help you find. But what is your next step – do you want to grow your profits or remain where you are?

Contact us by making a complimentary call to our expert outsourcing agent to make the shift. Let Aristo Sourcing help take you to the next level. 

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