Virtual Assistant vs. Online Project Manager

Do you sometimes feel that there isn’t enough time in a day − and the number of tasks you need to sort out is too great? The result is that the work you should be doing is not done, and then you delay even more while rescheduling your projects. However, finding a solution is not difficult − you can enhance your time and energy management.

A virtual assistant is a game-changer. This person works remotely as a consultant, offering their services to a business. A virtual assistant is a truly cost-effective staffing solution.

What is the difference (and what are the similarities) between a virtual assistant and an online project manager?

Virtual Assistant vs Project Manager

Hiring the right person for your needs is critical. You must choose between a virtual assistant and a regular project manager, deciding who would best match your needs. A virtual assistant can quickly take over your quotidian chores, particularly the admin-related tasks. A virtual assistant or VA is usually a generalist equipped to handle most low-level tasks.

Conversely, an online project manager manages projects, focusing on deliverables, times, and a task list.

A project manager will not only manage the oversight of the project but will also be responsible for delegating and completing tasks. Still, the question is, which type of consultant is right for you? To help you, below are various factors that HR managers and business owners should consider.

Which type of assistant is best for you?

You must consider what will solve your current problems to answer that question. A virtual assistant is perfect if your day is filled with repetitive tasks such as email campaigns, writing articles, posting social media content, and managing your email inbox and appointments.

This person can complete all such tasks for you, thus freeing up your time so you can focus on your core work. You will notice that you and your team’s overall productivity will increase. You can then focus on the exciting part of your work and forget about the low-level tasks you had been forced to complete.

If, for example, you have a project pending, such as re-launching your website and conducting a total rebrand, you should hire an online project manager.

The tasks that an online project manager can handle

Let’s explore the main functions an online project manager assigns and see how such a person can assist you.

Team Leadership

As soon as the virtual assistant project manager (or online project manager) is onboarded, they become the team’s new leader. The team members will report to them directly instead of to you. This position will include the supervision of everybody who is part of the project, keeping them all accountable, thus ensuring the smooth running of the project and seeing that all tasks are completed on time.


The online project manager will implement new systems to help achieve the project’s objectives. This means that the project manager will need to do a great deal of planning to gain these results. This will free up your time − you will not need to check that the various staff members or departments adhere to strict deadlines. Instead, the project manager will foresee negative issues, make plans to avoid them and resolve any problems when they arise.

Budget Management

An online project manager will ensure the project runs within budget as part of planning. Such may involve adjusting; however, the goal is always to stay within budget. Moreover, the project manager can also optimize the costs to get the best for less.

Project Management and Implementation

Unquestionably, your newfound online project manager will handle the implementation and the project’s overall management. The virtual assistant will work on systems for the success of the project. The project manager will delegate tasks, assist the team, conduct quality checks, handle the strategy, and lead the team.


A vital function of a project manager is communication. This will involve clear and concise communication between you, the team, and all other stakeholders. With proper communication comes organization.

Progress Reports

Another task a project manager will handle is the documentation of the project’s progress. This will include regular updates.

A project manager will add their insights into the project, which can assist business development. Their reporting will also provide insights into the other team workers and their productivity.

The bottom line

Understanding your needs is the first step when hiring people. If you are not very sure, we offer a free service. You can book a complimentary call with our outsourcing expert, who will provide excellent advice and help you through the hiring process. Book your call today.

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