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Why Should You Hire A Virtual Marketing Assistant?

What will a virtual marketing assistant do? What will they add to your team? And what are they going to mean for your business? Straightforward questions—but the answers are myriad. That’s why we offer a quick orientation on hiring a virtual marketing assistant. We present some vital statistics you would like to consider, and why should you hire one. A virtual marketing assistant will facilitate your basic marketing tasks. We demonstrate what your business or solo enterprise could possibly emerge as, once you hire such a person.

However, let’s get specific. What will a virtual marketing assistant do, especially in the realms of your marketing strategy, your email marketing, or maybe even your digital marketing?

Why should you – since a virtual marketing assistant will brings this to the table

It all comes down to one basic question: What does one gain in exchange for hiring a virtual assistant with a background in marketing? You ought to expect that such a hire will have the marketing expertise and skills to fit in seamlessly with what you’re doing regardless of whether this involves keyword analysis or business development. However, there are some broad classes of skills that virtual assistants can handle. C-level executives, right down to solo entrepreneurs need to grasp such facts:

Content marketing

Content marketing may be a very important part of the digital marketing puzzle. Also, a virtual assistant will understand the fundamentals. They will be able to manage a social media content calendar, assist you with weblog creation, and provide the various forms of content you’ll need.

Keyword analysis

Most digital marketing comes right down to the keywords you must analyze. This helps you discover whether your audience is searching for a service similar to the one you can offer them. A virtual assistant ought to have mastered the highest keyword analysis tools and the way to apply them.

Social media management

Social media is as indispensable as any CRM tool you employ. That’s why it pays to hire a virtual assistant who will help with lead generation via LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.


Your virtual assistant can handle your overarching strategy and marketing campaigns.

A marketing assistant will be a member of the team that leverages their expertise and experience to optimize your campaigns.

Project management

Sourcing out the project manager role typically is researching a particular talent for leadership and organization. However, as you expand your team, there’s no reason a virtual marketing assistant can’t facilitate such. They will organize marketing activities, coordinate a distant team, and otherwise assist the marketing team.

Lead generation

Lead generation is useful as it gathers data on potential new clients. However, this is time-consuming and repetitive. Therefore hiring a virtual assistant is good for lead generation. You will be liberated to specialize in other aspects of your business.

Why should you – Just look at this sample of what virtual assistants can assist with

Obtaining a marketing virtual assistant for your business

Whether you’re C-level with an oversized organization to whip into form, or a solo entrepreneur creating your initial outside structure of the business, hiring somebody like a VA will feel a touch tough initially. That’s why we like to paint the image of what your life will be like once you have taken this leap of faith:

Outsourcing your basic marketing tasks

If you outsource your basic marketing tasks, your core team will have more time to work with tasks that are more detailed. Therefore, the VA assists the marketing team.

Managing your e-commerce requirements

If you run an eCommerce business, you will need to dedicate a great deal of your time to the upkeep of your eCommerce marketing. However, much of this can be off-boarded to your virtual marketing assistant. This frees up some time to specialize in what you’re merchandising.

Marketing support

Sometimes the marketing team simply desires some additional hands to make their lives easier. That’s true whether you’re employed by a large business, or you would simply like somebody to assist with your online marketing efforts.

Scheduling your marketing calendar

With all of the social media tasks you have, including fixing content for the blog section of your website, the programming of your organization’s marketing efforts will appear downright confusing now and then. Having a virtual assistant to supervise the programming, and cue you once something has to be done is an important step of the method.

Hiring somebody full-time means paying salaries, bonuses, and the costs of setting up the workplace

Moreover, a business will need to provide paid vacation time. In contrast, a virtual marketing assistant typically works on a full-time basis; their hours can be flexible. That usually results in much more productivity. That productivity, in turn, becomes cash you can save. In fact, a virtual assistant will save up to 70% in operating costs per annum. In short, a VA is extremely productive, extremely efficient, having the marketing skills and other skills needed to fit right into your organization.

How to hire a virtual marketing assistant

Are you ready to hire a virtual marketing assistant? Then reach out and we will assist you to source top talent as part of your team. You can make a discovery call to speak to our outsourcing expert who will provide you with solid information while addressing your questions professionally. Don’t hesitate!

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