Outsourcing: Which of the Following Is the Primary Reason Why Companies Outsource?

A commonly asked question is: “which of the following is the primary reason why companies outsource?” To answer this question, it is better to state that there are five main reasons businesses select to outsource. Each of these five points is equally important. That said, companies outsource their processes for different reasons, usually based on the nature of their trade or their business. Global enterprises depend on outsourcing to cut operational costs, control third-party skills and expertise, and divert business risks. Here are the top five reasons why businesses outsource.

What is outsourcing in business?

Before addressing the question of the reasons why companies choose to outsource work, we should explain what outsourcing in business is. Simply put, outsourcing is a business strategy in which a business appoints a third party to carry out tasks, manage operations or offer services for the business. Outsourcing examples include advertising, website development, bookkeeping, and recruitment.

Which of the Following Is the Primary Reason Why Companies Outsource

Outsourcing can assist you in cutting business costs

Low labor expenses are the chief reason why businesses select to outsource. Such as, outsourcing to another country can provide you access to skill sets and services of intercontinental quality at a smaller fee compared to hiring locally. Outsourcing can also assist you in saving on business overhead costs, as you will not have to spend on lavish offices, information technologies, or program software.

Outsourcing can assist you in focusing on your core business

Your money, time, and energy can be absorbed by repetitive and low-level business tasks, hence the failure to focus on your core work. This can result in meager business development. If you outsource a part of your tasks, mostly admin-related tasks, it could give you the tractability to concentrate on your core work. Since outsourcing upturns the workflow, you can complete your projects quicker.

Outsourcing can offer you access to world-class skills

What outsourcing can provide you is access to expert skills that are either too expensive locally or unavailable locally. For instance, if you need an expert mobile application developer but your budget cannot afford one locally, then you can look at outsourcing. That is since outsourcing can assist you in gaining access to the desired skills.

Outsourcing can assist in risk management

By way of outsourcing, your business does not have to take on all the corporate risks single-handedly. Outsourcing non-core or some of your core functions to a third-party service provider or to a virtual assistant can assist in risk sharing. Additionally, outsourcing is a virtuous risk management strategy that you can implement for your business.

Outsourcing can recompense for the short supply of in-house resources

If a business is short on assets, mostly financially, it is paramount to outsource, as you can exempt yourself from the distress of training, hiring, and retaining new talent. The business will also not have to pay for any extra fees, for instance, software or even office space. Not like internal staff, an outsourced service provider can offer you 24/7 services for 365 days annually, devoid of leave breaks. Therefore, the next time a business ponders about contracting new talent, deliberate if the labor cannot rather be outsourced.

Which of the Following Is the Primary Reason Why Companies Outsource - quote

The bottom line

By outsourcing, you can take advantage of economies of scale and specialization. This allows you to focus on what you are good at and outsource the rest. For example, if your business is in the IT sector, you could outsource your software development to get more done with fewer resources.


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