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Last Updated on September 13, 2023

Congratulations! You’ve hired your very first virtual administrative assistant. Now what? Yep, an important step you need to take after hiring a virtual administrative assistant is the onboarding process.

Onboarding a new employee can be daunting, but it’s imperative when you’re hiring someone to work remotely. You’ll want to ensure your new assistant feels welcomed and knows what’s expected of them from the get-go.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the onboarding process and offer some tips for making the transition smooth for both you and your new assistant.

But firstly – what is a virtual administrative assistant? 

The answer to what is a virtual administrative assistant is rather simple. This is a person that works remotely, from their own home office, offering administrative services to a client. 

What does a virtual administrative assistant do? 

A virtual administrative assistant job can include scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements, making phone calls, and managing email accounts. In short, an administrative virtual assistant offers virtual administrative assistant services to a client based aboard. 

Find the right person for the job

So you’ve decided to outsource some of your administrative tasks and have found the perfect virtual assistant (VA) to help you. Now what? How do you ensure that your new VA or remote admin assistant is set up for success and that you’re getting the most out of this working relationship? The first order of business is to find the right person for the job.

Doing it on your own or making use of a BPO company

It could be problematic if you tackle the hiring process yourself, especially if it’s the first time you are outsourcing. We have found that many managers lack the knowledge of hiring and managing people correctly. It’s not their fault, as it’s a skill that needs to be learned. It is therefore we suggest you make use of a BPO company. BPO meaning here Business Process Outsourcing company. They will take the time to properly assess your needs and find a remote assistant who has the skills and experience to match. Moreover, they will vet the candidates and only present you with the best for your final decision.

The virtual assistant-client relationship

Remember that the virtual assistant-client relationship is a two-way street. Be clear about what you expect from your remote admin assistant and be willing to listen to feedback (both positive and negative). Establishing trust and mutual respect is key to a successful working relationship.

virtual administrative assistant and other virtual administrative assistants working

Please give them a clear understanding of your expectations

One of the most important things to do when onboarding a new virtual assistant is to provide them with a clear understanding of your expectations. This means outlining what you need help with, what your deadlines are, and what types of communication you prefer.

It’s also important to be specific about the tasks you want your remote admin assistant to handle. For example, if you need help with social media, be sure to let them know what type of content you want, how often you’d like posts and any other specific requirements.

The more information you can provide upfront, the smoother the transition will be for both you and your assistant.

Set up a schedule for check-ins & communication

One of the most important things to do when onboarding a new virtual assistant is to set up a schedule for check-ins and communication. This will ensure that both you and your remote assistant are on the same page and that any questions or concerns are addressed promptly.

Ideally, you should check in with your online assistant at least once weekly. This can be done through email, chat, or even a phone call. You can also send them a weekly task list so they know what you’d like them to focus on.

In addition to regular check-ins, it’s also essential to be available for emergencies or unexpected requests. You never know when you’ll need to ask your assistant for help, so make sure you have a way to contact them outside of your regular schedule.

Please provide them with the resources they need to be successful

One of the best things you can do to help your new virtual assistant succeed gives them the resources they need. This includes everything from a list of your contact information, to a list of your preferred communication channels, to a guide on your company’s policies and procedures.

It’s also important to ensure your new remote admin assistant has everything they need to do their job effectively. This includes access to the programs and tools they’ll need and any passwords or login information they’ll need.

Benefits positive feedback with your virtual administrative assistant will bring you and your company

Celebrate their successes & give constructive feedback

You manage your growing business when you’ve finally found the perfect person to help. Making them feel appreciated and valued is essential. Celebrate their successes and give them positive feedback, letting them know that you’re grateful for all their help.

At the same time, it’s also essential to give constructive feedback when needed. Make sure that you’re clear about your expectations and what you’d like them to work on. This will help your remote assistant to improve their work and be a more valuable members of your team.


And there you have it – your new virtual administrative assistant is all set up and ready to go! Now it’s time to put them to work. But don’t worry. If you went the BPO route, your outsourcing agent should be there to support you. If you are unsure about outsourcing and how this staffing solution can benefit your business, do make use of our free consultation call. Our outsourcing expert, which has more than a decade of experience, will guide you and offer no-nonsense advice to help you make the best decision on hiring a virtual assistant and how best to use virtual admin service to the advantage of your business.


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