Hiring Virtual Assistants, Game-changers for Top Entrepreneurs

Starting a new venture can lead to the financial independence you crave. Setting the business up, however, takes more than just time. Start-ups will source investment founders, and you must juggle multiple tasks to make the new business succeed. But let’s be honest – many entrepreneurs use a strategy that is not sustainable and will lead to burnout. An alternative is to look at outsourcing, namely, hiring virtual assistants.

Take on a virtual assistant.

Besides the substantial cost savings, the actual value of a virtual assistant is that such people can take over those low-level tasks that waste your valuable time.

This means you will have more time to focus on your core work. To know which tasks can be delegated, list them, noting how much time you spend on each and whether or not you like doing it.

Much of the work you will offboard to a remote assistant will be admin-related. You may lack skills in graphic design or social media management. This way, you can onboard the right skills for the necessary tasks in an easy-on-the-pocket manner.

But what about multitasking?

Some stubborn entrepreneurs refuse to delegate, clinging tightly to every conceivable task. Then, some fail to grasp that they can charge work while paying only a reasonable amount.

Either way, if you think that multitasking is doable, think again.

What is multitasking?

Briefly, multitasking implies working on two or even more tasks simultaneously. In the process, you will quickly switch from one to the other.

Multitasking reduces productivity

Many business people believe that gaining the maximum from their staff members by having them complete several tasks at once will benefit the business. However, research studies have concluded that multitasking can negatively affect business productivity.

How multitasking impedes productivity

Multitasking has a critical impact on productivity. The human brain is not able to successfully conduct various tasks simultaneously.

Also, those who believe they are multitasking are not doing so – they are just doing short sprints hastily, then jumping to the next. Instead, you would be more effective if you focused on a single task. Here are the reasons!

Multitasking is distracting

The habit of needing to refocus on various tasks at once is distracting. Researchers have found that those who consider themselves multitaskers are extra distracted. Additionally, these multitaskers struggle to focus on one task at a time, and their habit of jumping from one task to another can be counterproductive.

Multitasking reduces your speed.

Oddly enough, researchers have found that multitasking slows down work and reduces efficiency. The reason for this is the effect of the task-switch cost.

Switching from one task to another reduces your speed since your brain has to focus on more than one thing. On the other hand, when you focus on one study, you can run on autopilot, thus helping you use your mental resources efficiently.

Multitasking can lead to mistakes.

Because multitasking can reduce your performance, you are more likely to make errors.

Break the multitasking habit.

You can break this bad habit by sorting out your work, focusing on your essential work, and delegating the rest.

You can delegate social media and digital marketing tasks to a virtual assistant. Since your remote assistant can handle everything, you do not have to learn how these platforms work or spend time posting and scheduling new posts.

This allows you to focus on business growth and strategy. You can delegate admin-related tasks to a virtual assistant. This can include everything from managing your email inbox to bookkeeping.

The bottom line: Hiring Virtual Assistants, Game-changers for Top Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are starters and doers, but they can also become overwhelmed by what needs to be done. A strategic solution is delegating some tasks to a virtual assistant. Outsourcing is not only more cost-effective for a business, but it can also lessen the burden on the entrepreneur’s shoulders. The time saved can be used to take the company further. The entrepreneur realistically cannot do without a game-changing virtual assistant. 


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