How to Hire a Virtual Technical Assistant

You love the business or, at least, the creative side of it, but the tech side is not your thing. But you try. You go to the backend of your WordPress site, fearing firstly that you will delete your whole website. Or you are comfortable using the technology but don’t have enough time. You need help – you need to hire a virtual technical assistant − which is why! 

What is a Virtual Tech Assistant?

A virtual assistant works remotely from their home office or shared office space to assist a company. These virtual assistants are independent contractors and not formal business staff members. They have a wide range of skills; however, a virtual tech assistant’s skills are more focused on technology.

A virtual technology assistant does not conduct copywriting or other content creation services. Instead, they are focused on placing the content where it should be, in the correct format, and optimizing it.

Knowing Which Virtual Tech Assistant is Best for You

To hire the best virtual technical assistant for your business, write down all the tasks you want the virtual assistant to complete. Then, discuss this list with your outsourcing agent. The agent can advise whether the list is doable or if any changes are needed.

Your outsourcing agent will then source you some candidates that match your job description. For instance, if you need someone for basic graphic design, you could hire someone proficient in programs such as Canva to create slides, graphics, and more.

What Tasks Can a Tech Virtual Assistant Take Care of?

Virtual technical assistants are great on your team, mainly if your business trades digitally, from online coaching sessions to eCommerce websites. More so, there are various tasks these virtual assistants can handle. Here are the most popular services:

Maintain Your WordPress Site

If you have a WordPress website, it must be appropriately managed, or the loading speed can be impacted. This will include, for instance, running audits, ensuring there is a backup copy of the site, correcting any broken links, and updating the plugins and theme. The remote assistant can also post the blog content and optimize the site for SEO.

Set Up Autoresponders

If you run or use email marketing, you probably also have a drip email campaign. This means that with each email, there will be a trigger that will set off various autoresponders. Besides setting up these, these can also be changed as your campaign changes.

Create Graphics on Sites such as Canva.

If you need graphics that match your branding, Canva can be used. Pictures can be created on Canva for social media, your website, or print. This will save you time and money.

Find and Optimize Images

Searching for fresh and interesting images can be time-consuming. For this reason, many entrepreneurs like to outsource such low-level tasks to virtual assistants. However, more than simply finding the perfect shot, the assistant can resize it for the platform on which it will be used. The image can also be optimized, mainly if used on your website. Photos are great for your website but can affect your loading speed, particularly on mobile platforms. Although it’s best to hide as many images displayed on mobile as possible, you can also optimize the remaining photos to make the loading slightly more rapid.

Create Landing Pages

A landing page is an integral part of digital marketing. This is where you can drive your consumers to convert them to buy or call you. Various landing page tools exist, such as Thrive, Elementor, Leadpages, Beaver Builder, and Whichever. A remote technical assistant can use these tools to create and update new landing pages.

Schedule Social Media Posts

Social media channels like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have scheduling features. Future posts can be scheduled to go live at the most optimal times.

Basic SEO 

SEO is great for driving organic traffic to your website. As an investment, SEO can offer a better return than paid advertising. Your virtual assistant can research keywords, add inbound and outbound links to your content, and help build your domain’s online ranking.

Basic Video Editing

As with graphics, you might need video content. A virtual assistant can create essential videos from your creative databank. They can prepare the material for the various platforms and schedule these for you.

The Bottom Line: How to Hire a Virtual Technical Assistant

A virtual technical assistant can be a treasured asset for your team, particularly one who is handy and comfortable with various tasks and programs. A virtual assistant can also help you free up your time by maintaining the technical side of your trade and ensuring its efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of a technical virtual assistant?

The duties of a technical virtual assistant include providing IT support, managing software and hardware systems, troubleshooting technical issues, updating websites and databases, conducting research on technological solutions, and assisting with digital tools and platforms. They ensure the smooth operation of technical aspects, enabling businesses to focus on core objectives.

Why do I need a Tech VA, and how can they help my business?

You need a Tech VA to handle technical tasks efficiently, saving time and ensuring smooth operations. They can assist your business by providing IT support, managing software and hardware systems, troubleshooting technical issues, and researching technological solutions, allowing you to focus on core activities while maintaining a strong digital infrastructure.

What kind of tasks can a tech virtual assistant handle?

A tech virtual assistant can handle various tasks, including IT support, software and hardware management, troubleshooting technical issues, website maintenance, database management, research on technological solutions, and assistance with digital tools and platforms. They specialize in handling technical aspects, enabling businesses to operate smoothly and efficiently digitally.

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