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Social media means influence − that is its true power. Businesses have been using social media to engage with their target audience. By these means, they influence potential customers and persuade them to buy or use their services.

More importantly, brands have been hard at work using social media to build trust and loyalty between them and their consumers. What social media does not always mean is a sale. This can confuse some business owners −why have millions of followers and zero sales?

However, that is not the true value of this medium. Yet, you could get the word out when used correctly, building hype for your product. By engaging a skilled social media virtual assistant (VA), you can achieve the knock-on effect of interesting others in your eCommerce products.

The true value of social media

Have you ever wondered whether social media brings any value to a business, such as an eCommerce business? The simple answer is yes. Social media as a marketing tool can be used strategically over time. This tool is one of the best and most powerful digital marketing tools marketers can use.

What social media is not is a magic bean. You can’t expect to have instant success. Instead, you need to follow the (ever-changing) best practices when posting content so you don’t end up annoying your audience.

Social media and eCommerce

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for online businesses. Here, the online store can reach its market directly, promoting its products and services and engaging directly with the client, addressing their questions about such products or services. What social media can do is build a strong community. At the same time, marketers can use social media analytics to gain better insights into their clients, offering them more of the content they like.

The downside is that it can be difficult to quantify the return on investment; however, you should instead be focused on developing stronger brand loyalty and a strong sense of community.

The importance of brand loyalty

It might seem strange to some to throw money into social media campaigns, knowing that you will not get a direct return on investment. However, building loyalty is suitable for your pocket. If you can grow brand loyalty by just 3%, you can reduce your costs by 10%. Some 93% of loyal clients are likelier to buy again from you.

If your service is tops, you can rest assured that 56% of your loyal clients will be back for more. So, what brand loyalty means in real terms is returning clients and clients that will be willing to try a new product or service.

What you should consider when promoting your eCommerce store

When using social media to market your online store, you must promote your presence on these channels. There is no use in having the perfect text with the most exciting image but no one following you. You need to let people know about your Facebook page or Instagram account. You can get the word out by promoting the links on your website, email campaigns, or running online ads. However, don’t do it without a strategy!

Start small – focus on your core.

Start with your core silo channels that are the easiest and where you will gain the most traction. If your silos are Facebook and Instagram, that is great − stick to these. Remember that any additional social media channel will not feed directly into your website but will support your core silo channels. The channels will, in turn, support your online website. You should know the best times to post − after all, you want the maximum effect with the least effort. Also, ensure that you keep to your branding guidelines to avoid distorting your brand.

Start to grow your followers.

A virtual assistant managing a social media account aims to set targets for followers. Overall, your numbers should grow if the content is seen as valuable or interesting. That said, in general, people or faces do better than brands. Achieving your first 3000 followers can be challenging. However, you need to keep your strategy steady − over time, things will change. Still, the larger the number of your followers, the greater your reach to market your products.

Advertising posts

The best way to achieve instant success is through paid advertising. This will cost you money; however, if correctly conducted, this can be a cost-effective way of gaining custom. You will reach more people outside your circle to rapidly grow your online business. Plus, you could present exclusive offers on your promotional campaigns. This would reward those visiting your eCommerce site, making an effort even more alluring. Flash sales are another trick.

Your social media virtual assistant

Your virtual assistant should be skilled at managing your social media accounts. They will know how to grow it and report on the monthly developments. More so, a virtual social media assistant will also know how to run ads on social media to drive traffic to your eCommerce business. There are various techniques that they can explore. However, this depends on your location, the nature of your products or services, and, to some degree, the amount you have available for paid advertising.

Get a social media VA to grow your online store.

Don’t delay − engage a social media VA to grow your online store and drive more traffic to your eCommerce store. If used correctly, social media can be a great tool for traffic growth. It can also be used to build brand loyalty to your online store.

If you want to know more or are unsure how a social media virtual assistant can add value to your online store, book a complimentary call with our outsourcing expert. Here, you can discuss your requirements, and our experts can advise you accordingly. So, book your call today.

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