Can Virtual Assistant Sam Fix Your Tech Problems?

– If you want to gain in Google rankings, then you need to focus more on your SEO, or search engine optimization, a fairly recent innovation. However, correct use of SEO can have a massive impact on where your website will rank on search engines such as Google, or Bing. More so, although there are various types of virtual assistants out there, one has the moniker virtual assistant Sam. Remote assistant Sam has many years’ experience in the SEO field. Because he has this great skillset, he acts more than as mere support, but as a lifeline to your online business.

Virtual assistant Sam – the go-to VA

If you want to boost your rankings, you need a professional. Hiring locally can be costly, especially if you are opting for onboarding permanent staff. Going the virtual assistant route is not only cheaper, but it offers you much more flexibility. Moreover, having someone check your ranking and fix errors can help to optimize your sales’ team effort, and drive more traffic to your site. Sure you can use social media to direct some traffic to your website; however, SEO is still king when it comes to optimizing a site.

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The core focus of a tech specialist

Your virtual assistant will focus on enhancing your SEO, building external and internal links, and adding content to your website once SEO is optimized. In fact, an SEO assistant can help in three areas. Firstly, they can assist with your onsite technological issues, such as content optimization, the way the website is structured, your metadata, and security. Secondly, they can help with your offsite issues such as content distribution, SEO, and backlink strategies. Lastly, they can conduct analysis, which can include items like Google Analytics, and your overall ranking and domain authority.

Tackling your onsite tech problems

The most urgent task a tech VA will take care of is your website; more importantly, its layout, metadata, site speed, and SEO optimization.

Website design and layout

Although the design can be subjective, there are some basic principles that should be applied to websites. The first is the ease of use. Secondly, the site should be attractive. After all, the goal of most websites is to convert the consumer into a customer by buying a product or signing up for a service. If the leads are poor, this could mean that your design and layout are not good enough. You then need to relook at the best practice principles to gauge where things went wrong. To assist you in this, study the checklist below:

Website checklist

To identify problems with your website’s layout and design ask yourself how your site matches up to these core principles: simplicity, offering a visual hierarchy, ease of navigability, consistency, responsibility for various devices (especially mobile), accessibility, conventionality, credibility, user-centricity, and overall website design.

Benefits of good web design and layout

Besides enhancing your rankings, and improving the customers’ perception of your brand, such attention to detail can also increase trust. Trust is important, especially if you have an eCommerce store solely dependent on your online image.

Loading speed enhancement

A slow website or website that takes longer than 5 seconds to load is problematic. You need to get the speed up. In most cases, the problem lies with your mobile speed, since search engines such as Google will use the worst-performing mobile handset to test your site. Therefore, an overload of images and videos will slow your site down dramatically. You can have the images optimized, which will help. However, there are more tricks your tech assistant will be able to master for you.

SEO optimization

With SEO, good SEO, you can rank better – and reach more people. SEO includes keyword research, creating landing pages, adding optimized blog posts, and adding metatags and Alt descriptions, case studies, and lead magnets. Overall, you will note the results in just three months. This will give you better results than paid advertising over a long period.


If your site security is poor, this will influence your Google rating. Therefore, be smart, and make sure that your site is credible by adding an SSL protocol to enhance your website security. This is necessary if you have an eCommerce store in which any form of payment is made.


The bottom line

A virtual tech assistant or your own virtual assistant Sam can be a crucial part of your team. They can support your core team, and more so, if you have an online store, you want to make sure your site is optimized to the max. After all, you want to get the greatest number of potential clients visiting your site. More so, you are wanting them to become loyal buyers. Therefore, it’s not just about attracting them to your site, but making sure that the experience is enjoyable, and that they keep seeing something new and interesting – particularly if it adds value to their lives. They might not buy right away; however, each time they visit, they can become more loyal fans; and eventually they will convert. Therefore, be smart and invest in a virtual tech assistant to make this happen.

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