Be Like Burger King & Fail, Or Do This!

It’s no secret that Burger King is struggling for all the wrong reasons. This is despite the that it has released some of the most innovative advertising campaigns in recent years. Obviously, advertising only gets you to one point. No matter how great the ads, they can’t fix varying food quality, bad customer service, old and dirty-looking outlets, and insufficient staff. As Bill Bernbach once said, “Great advertising can make a bad product fail faster; it gets more people to know it’s bad.” So, here’s some ‘do this‘ tips to help you! 

Promotions are not all-powerful.

You may be promoting your business with award-winning ads, but on the flip side, you are ignoring your clients. That is precisely Burger King’s problem. Like them, many fast-food outlets need a master’s class in customer experience. Your core focus as a business should be customer experience.

Let’s talk about your real focus – customer experience

Why should you even focus on customer experience? This is a critical part of your business. This applies to any business interacting with people, basically all businesses. If your customers have a great experience, they will tell people how well your business performs and is likely to be performing. Word of mouth speaks volumes.

What is the customer experience?

Customer experience, or CX, includes the whole gamut of customer touchpoints. More so, the customer experience begins at the product’s customer journey or sale life cycle. It ends with the client returning frequently, thus becoming a brand ambassador for this business. This experience includes all the customer interactions, the call center staff interacting with customers, the ease of the eCommerce shopping experience, and the after-sales responses.

What is the significance of the customer experience? 

Customer experience is essential in establishing brand loyalty from patrons. When there is a great overall customer experience, the chances are more significant for these to become loyal customers. Such consumers will frequently return to make another purchase. They will be quick to recommend the product or brand to a friend. The opposite is true – a bad experience can be a PR disaster. Besides that, if the client does not return, they can spread through word of mouth or even on social media channels their experience with the brand. In the end, customer experience can influence your profits. It can affect your chance of expanding, fighting off the competition, and retaining your client base.

A Good Customer Experience

When you have a good and effective customer experience strategy, you will enhance your client’s relationship with your brand. However, there are some considerations to take note of:

Make it seamless

Clients don’t want hassles − they want a seamless sales experience. This is not just limited to your physical stores but also your eCommerce stores when selecting and paying for products. You will have a high chart abandonment rate if the process is broken. It is, therefore, essential to regularly check your systems. This way, you will ensure that all is working perfectly and seamlessly. The client should not have hurdles or difficulties strewn in their path.

Make it personal

Personalization is still significant. It helps clients to connect to the brand more rapidly. You need to consider your customers. This might be obvious, but amazingly, many entrepreneurs forget this little step and follow their own path. Don’t forget – focus on the customer. Luckily, you can use software to track your website visitors, such as Google Analytics and your other analytics on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can learn more about your clients, their needs, and their wants there.

Be reliable

An easy way of boosting loyalty among your client base is by offering a consistent (and high-quality) customer experience. Clients want to know they will have the same experience when they return. They will then be willing to continue spending more money with you. It is, therefore, vital to have excellent customer support. The good idea is to hire virtual customer service agents to provide this for you.

Safeguard an excellent customer experience.

To offer your clients the best customer experience, consider this: 

Generate a customer experience strategy

Create a framework focusing on customer experience management (CEM) strategy, which can outline how you plan or address your customer’s requirements and meet customer expectations head-on. If you have a solid system in place, this can ensure that your messages and methods are constantly focused on offering a good customer experience. Such will decrease your customer numbers while watching your budget and income.

Take your customer feedback seriously.

Customer feedback can be precious − customers offer insights into their journey. You need to take note of the critiques and complaints clients provide on their experience. You can use all feedback to know what to fix and where you have problems. For instance, if there are difficulties with your website, a website designer must be found to correct the problem.

Appreciate your customers

In making sure you are offering customer satisfaction, knowing what your clients want is critical. You can utilize customer relationship management (CRM) services that assess customer engagement and offer customer experience metrics to grasp better your client’s journey (from the beginning to the end).

Offer superb customer service.

Keep your focus on exceeding your customer’s expectations by going beyond the ‘just’ standard customer experience. Ensure your support staff and sales team fully understand your services and products.

Also, add social media or other channels to boost the experience

This could well mean hiring virtual customer service assistants to offer top-notch support. Such a move should be considered. However, beware of total reliance on automation – clients want to engage a natural person. Many people find it frustrating to deal with. Pressing phone buttons to get somewhere is also tedious.

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