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Remote Graphic Designer: Key Questions Answered

Graphic design is sometimes overlooked as being merely fluff; nevertheless, it is an important part of marketing and branding. Think of any well-known logo – a graphic designer has designed this. This visual form of communication is becoming more prominent with companies wanting to distinguish their brand. But, as with most professions, the salary of a graphic designer based in New York can be around $20.50 per hour. For many businesses, especially start-ups, this can fall outside their budget. There is the option of hiring a remote graphic designer. But here are some of the most-asked questions relating to remote graphic designers.


What is a remote graphic designer?

A remote graphic designer does the same work as a traditional graphic designer, in that they are skilled in graphic design. The only difference is that they work remotely. Because such a person works remotely as a virtual assistant they are not considered a staff member of a company. As such, the company pays the virtual assistant less, and the company does not have as many business overheads around the person hired. Despite such savings, the company still manages to hire high-quality talent. This person is equal in skill to any regular graphic designer.

What are the core tasks of a graphic designer? 

Because a remote graphic designer works from their home office, they will assist the marketing and branding teams with promotional and advertising material. In addition, they will be manipulating shapes, colors, images, fonts, print design, photos, logos, and even animation, by using graphic-design software. A graphic designer can produce corporate reports, flyers, ads, magazines, and more so, creatives for social media channels.

Which businesses hire remote graphic designers?

There are many companies that hire remote graphic designers. Here are a few: internet and software development businesses, advertising businesses, television studios, and video production companies, corporate branding and consultation businesses, digital marketing companies, eCommerce businesses, real estate agencies, interior designers, architects, and more.

How do you successfully manage a remote graphic designer? – Communicate! 

Certain aspects of managing a remote team can appear daunting. However, this need not be the case – there are some rules which, when applied, simplify the process. Communicate! – You should always be communicating when you have a remote team. More than that, you need to build strong relationships with your team members, so that they not only feel comfortable but understand that they are valuable members of the team. Therefore, have regular video calls. It is important to see people’s faces – this helps to build a bond. As such, schedule regular one-on-ones; select a platform that everyone has access to, and keep your schedules flexible − life happens and you need to reschedule from time to time.

When is the best time to hire a virtual assistant? 

It depends on your situation – you should examine your needs beforehand. Your business overheads will be much lower. In fact, you could be saving up to 70% on your expenses, when you hire a virtual assistant. However, before you hire, you need a good understanding of what your remote worker will be doing. Will they be working only part-time or will they be working on a project for a selected period? Either way, once you have hired a virtual assistant for your graphic design work, you will be well placed to have high-quality work produced that matches your brand.

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