What is a Pinterest Virtual Assistant & What can they offer you?

You must be on various social media channels already – but have you thought about Pinterest? Especially about what is a Pinterest virtual assistant. This platform, just like all the others, is not for everyone. The simple reason is that each social media channel has its demographics. What you need to do is to research whether the platform matches your social media strategy. That said, Pinterest offers you many benefits. You can make light work of it by hiring a Pinterest virtual assistant.

Pinterest business account vs. a personal account

If you are a business owner, a personal Pinterest account will not do – you need to upgrade to a Pinterest business account. Once you do, you will gain access to many more Pinterest benefits. What this means is more opportunities to promote your brand online! With more than 87% of Pinterest users buying online, this is an excellent place to reach your target audience.

What you should know about utilizing Pinterest for your business

As a visual social media channel, Pinterest is one on which users can generate and share their posts, known as pins. Also, they can generate boards, and they can shop.

The core benefits of utilizing Pinterest for business include brand exposure and reaching the broadest possible client base.

You can generate a business account on Pinterest from scratch or transform your account into a business one.

The Pinterest basics

Pinterest users share and save content in the form of pins to their boards, known as virtual collection boards. There are more than 175 million users in the US alone, of which 81% are women. More so, you can find almost everything online, ranging from art to technology. Pinterest is most known for its DIY craft projects, fashion, décor ideas, and recipes. Also, this platform is free, although there is the option to pay for advertising on Pinterest.

Pinterest terminology


This refers to content posted and shared on Pinterest. Each post is referred to as a pin – and each pin can have a link to a website.


These are a type of QR code. With Pincodes, you can generate embedded codes to unlock curated boards for your business and the business profile on Pinterest. Users enter a code, which will take them directly to the suggested boards.


Pinterest users are called pinners.


These visual digital bulletin boards are where you place your pins. Each Pinterest board will represent a different theme.

Group boards

A group board is a collaborative board maintained by just one user. Here, the owner of such a group can invite others to join and contribute to their board. Also, other people can ask to be added to the group. In this case, the owner needs to accept their requests.

Archived boards

An archive is a board where you place pins you want to keep. You may not want to delete them, but you may no longer want them on public display. These boards are private and thus not available for viewing.


As with Twitter or Facebook feeds, those who follow you will receive similar feeds of pins they might be interested in.

Hashtags on Pinterest

Exactly as with other social media platforms, hashtags can also be used. Hashtags make it easier for users to find relevant content.


A lens is a feature on the Pinterest app that utilizes a smartphone’s camera to recommend pins grounded on the images you take. For instance, if you take a photo of an outfit, you will notice that you will be shown similar outfits in your feeds.


Users can add comments to other account holders’ pins.


There is the option to save a pin. You can also share, hide, and send the pin. If you save a pin, it will be added to one of your boards.

Sending pins

Users can send pins to non-Pinterest users or other Pinterest account holders via private messages.


Using the @symbol, you can tag other Pinterest users.


Users can send private messages to Pinterest users.

The benefits of using Pinterest for your online business

1. New trends

Pinterest is one of the best online channels to share designs, trends, and products. You need to be active on Pinterest to take your product to the top of the list.

Also, you need to follow the top Pinterest leaders of your industry. So, you need to look at the search results that appear when clicking on the search bar. This will give you an idea of what is trending in your industry. However, note that this will be based on your previous searches. Nonetheless, it gives you a good sense of what your competition is doing and what you can learn from them.

2. Boost brand authority

A Pinterest business account has more features than a regular Pinterest account. For instance:

  • A header, which will be filled with your branded pins 
  • Insight indicating the viewer numbers 
  • A verified website 
  • Every one of these features can add to your brand authority.

They all add up to boosting your legitimate online presence.

3. Increase website traffic

When you add and verify your website address, you create a backlink to your site. Besides that, having a Pinterest account can help drive traffic to your website. Also, pins can showcase added information, such as price, which can entice pinners to click and visit your website.

4. Get analytics on your profile

A benefit of a Pinterest business account is access to your Pins’ analytical results. You can view results such as impressions, clicks, and engagements here. Also, by selecting a certain period, you can compare your efforts. Then, you can see what has worked the best, what you should do more of, and what did not gain results to avoid repeating mistakes.

5. Place ads and promote Pins

Another feature of a Pinterest business account is that you can use this social media channel to advertise and promote your Pins. Doing this can grow your account more rapidly, increasing your brand awareness and gaining traffic to your website.

Delegating your Pinterest tasks to a virtual assistant

If you lack time or would rather be focused on other tasks, hiring a virtual assistant is expedient. You would need to source a virtual Pinterest assistant. A virtual Pinterest assistant is a person who works remotely, mostly on tasks relating to your Pinterest account. However, such an assistant is versatile and thus can also manage other social media accounts such as Facebook.

What does a Pinterest virtual assistant do?

A Pinterest virtual assistant assists companies and individuals with their Pinterest management. This means a Pinterest VA helps boost the company’s organic traffic to its sites and sales landing pages. Below are some of the critical tasks a Pinterest VA will be able to handle for you:

  • Start up your Pinterest business account
  • Use correct-size pictures for pins
  • Generate diverse types of pins with different goals in mind
  • Set up pins and boards in the correct format and draft SEO copy for each of the pins
  • Nurture your base of followers
  • Follow the metrics and adjust where needed
  • Ensure that your Pinterest account remains active.

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