Why Hire A Remote Admin Assistant

There are four reasons for you to hire a remote admin assistant. In short, a remote admin assistant can be a game changer for a busy entrepreneur. Moreover, such an assistant can be a cost-effective staffing solution.

An onsite-admin assistant can cost a company from $25,000 to $50,000 annually. Conversely, a virtual assistant will cost you much less while accomplishing the same tasks.  

Benefits of Hiring a Remote Admin Assistant

Save Money

Your business can save money simply by hiring a remote admin assistant. As mentioned, a remote assistant can mainly perform all the same tasks as an onsite administrative assistant.

Tasks can include scheduling appointments, arranging your emails, making travel arrangements, answering and directing calls, providing general staff support, and helping to prepare reports. The core difference is that a remote assistant achieves this work remotely.

This means the business can save on expenses such as office equipment, office space, and more. A company can save up to 70% by using a virtual assistant.

Hiring from Outside the United States

If you can hire from outside the United States, you can bypass specific local US laws that relate to employee benefits. This means you need not pay employee and health benefits or give incentives or perks. 

Be More Productive

A remote admin assistant can help to boost your productivity. This is because when low-level administrative tasks are delegated to a virtual assistant, you have more time to focus on your core work. 

As a result, you can be more productive. You need not be distracted, your energy wasted on repetitive tasks, and you can avoid multitasking. Also, this will assist your core team, which translates to fewer sick days caused mainly by overwork and stress. You could boost your productivity by up to 22%, reflecting your revenue and the speed at which your business can scale up.

Gain Access to High-Quality Talent

When you hire from abroad, you increase your access to great people. You are not limited to hiring a substandard candidate locally when hiring a virtual assistant. This hire can come at a much lower cost to your business.

Just remember that candidates from native English-speaking countries will cost slightly more than those from countries such as India or the Philippines. If you are looking for an assistant to interact with the public, a native English-speaking candidate will be a better choice.

Employee Retention

Engaged workers are unlikely to leave your business. But how can hiring a virtual assistant help to maintain your onsite workers? It’s simple − by handing over the repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as admin tasks, to a virtual assistant, you create a better working environment for your onsite team.

Workers are more inclined to stay at a business when they are happy. Happiness at work is more highly valued than a pay rise. You win. Much of this is thanks to the perception that business owners and managers care about their people.

Such responsible managers hire others to do the work they are hired to do rather than adding this to their workload. Such tasks are a distraction and can be done for much less than if they tackle them themselves.

The Bottom Line: Why Hire A Remote Admin Assistant

There are many benefits to hiring a remote administrative assistant. The person will not be in the office, leaving you free to dispense with an office and all expenses incurred thus.  

All the work can be executed remotely or digitally. An admin assistant can be beneficial if you want to ease your workload or be more organized.