Best Influencer Marketing Platform for Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to reach audiences, customers, and prospects. With the right influencer marketing platform, you can better leverage the power of social media, especially Instagram, and the power of great influencers to take your brand to the next level. 

What is influencer marketing?

If you are new to influencer marketing, here’s a brief explanation: Influencer marketing is a form of digital advertising that uses social media influencers to endorse brands and products. It’s an effective way to reach your target audience, build brand awareness, and be cost-effective.

More so, customers are more inclined to react to people than to brands. If you use well-known people, they could act as advertisers or promoters of your brand and give it a human face. 

How do you find an influencer marketing platform?

  • Look for a platform where your target audience is. This is critical since you don’t want to waste your funds on an irrelevant market today or over a decade ago. 
  • Also, look for a platform with the right features to help you manage your campaigns. This is because you can get overwhelmed, and the result is that you could fail. 
  • Look for a platform that is easy to use and has good customer support, such as YouTube
  • Lastly, look for a platform that has a good reputation.

Things to look out for in an influencer marketing platform

When it comes to your influencer marketing platform, there are quite a few things you should look out for. Here are just a few:

Look for a platform that is easy to use and understand

You don’t want your team spending their valuable time figuring out how the platform works; they need their time focused on running campaigns.

Look for a platform that is easy to integrate with your website.

This will be important if you want customers to interact with influencers across all mediums (such as social media, text messaging, or email). You should also be looking at whether or not the customer experience on these platforms can be seamless—for instance, if someone opts into an SMS campaign via text message but then later wants to unsubscribe through another channel such as email, can they do so without having any issues? This goes hand-in-hand with ensuring that each campaign has clear directions regarding the next steps after opting in (or out).

Look at what customer support is offered.

Look at customer support options from different companies offering influencer marketing software platforms so you know what kind of help is available should something go wrong during the setup and execution phases of your campaign(s).

The more robust these services are likely indicative of better overall product quality, so keep them in mind when deciding which option might work best given budget constraints imposed by overhead costs associated with running multiple campaigns simultaneously!

How can influencer marketing help your business?

You can use influencer marketing to:

Increase brand awareness

By partnering with a well-known influencer in your industry, you can get in front of their followers and increase exposure for your brand.

Increase engagement

Not only does an influencer reach more people than you do on social media, but they also have a better relationship with those following them. They are likelier to share content from an influencer because they trust their opinion, which means that any post shared by the influencer should be seen as valuable information rather than spam or ads like posts from brands would often be perceived as. Trust is built up, leading to the next stage in your marketing funnel – the sale or conversion. 

Increase sales

A recent study found that 93% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising, including TV commercials, billboards, and print advertisements! By partnering with an influential blogger or vlogger who has built up credibility within the community, you can tap into this assertive consumer behavior, which could lead directly to increased sales if done correctly.

The right influencer marketing platform can ensure that you create a buzz around your digital marketing campaign.

The right influencer marketing platform could assist you in finding the right influencers for your campaign, managing the campaign, and measuring its ROI.

Finding the right influencers

It will help if you are looking for influencers who match your target audience and niche. The best way to do this is by looking at their follower base demographics like location, gender, and age group.

Managing your campaign

Once you find the most relevant influencer in audience demographics, it’s time to manage your campaign with them. This will include sharing details about what needs to be done during the campaign, what kind of content should be created, and when it needs to be done (timelines).

Measuring your ROI

Finally comes measuring ROI after completion of all tasks such as posting on social media channels like Facebook & Twitter, creating new blog posts or videos, getting likes/comments/shares, sharing links from other sites (e-commerce platforms), etc., sending emails out through MailChimp or Constant Contact, etc., using Google Analytics dashboards, etc.”

The bottom line 

The right influencer marketing platform can ensure you create a buzz around your digital marketing campaign. It provides everything from finding the right influencers to managing campaigns and reporting on results. The best part is that you don’t need special skills or training to use it!

Moreover, to boost your success and delegate administrative tasks, you can hire a virtual influence assistant to help out. This is a cost-effective means; you can remain flexible, especially if you follow a location-independent lifestyle. 

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