Why Use A Virtual Assistant Recruiter?

Are you a hardworking entrepreneur with a hectic workload? Do you have time to effectively deal with laborious human resource admin and other related tasks? Then this article is for you.

No matter the type of business you own, from eCommerce to lifestyle coach, if you have staff, you need an HR assistant to help you ensure that the human resource responsibilities are taken care of.

This is where a virtual assistant recruiter can come in to help. A human resource virtual assistant can do the work for much less than an extra staff member, saving you much time.

Why HR Assistant is important?

The HR assistant is the individual who manages the everyday HR tasks and is the contact between the business and the workers. Such people are essential to ensuring staff needs are met, and important HR files are current.

Why is outsourcing the way to go?

Outsourcing is an aggregating trend among many businesses, especially with large international corporations wanting to reduce labor costs but still onboarding great talent. In addition, company owners have discovered that outsourcing saves them money.

Additionally, it saves valuable time when placing human-resource tasks into the hands of these helpful people. More so, outsourcing HR can also boost efficiency and offer in-house employees the time required to concentrate on the fundamental aspects of the business.

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How much can you save when hiring a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant costs 40% less than an on-site full-time worker. This savings is because you don’t have to deduct payroll taxes as the virtual assistant will pay their own. In addition, you do not spend on insurance or providing a proper workstation with equipment such as laptops and company phones. The remote worker will have their own home office they work from and will use their equipment.

What tasks can be delegated to a virtual assistant recruiter?

  • Write comprehensive job descriptions and requirements for positions you want to fill to source great people.
  • Post vacancies on your website, job boards, and social media
  • Create and manage pre-employment quizzes to weed out weak applicants, leaving just those who would be a good fit for the job and your team
  • Evaluate all the job candidates’ resumes and online profiles.
  • Such can seem a waste of time; however, you must ensure you do not hire someone who might be problematic.
  • Make a candidate shortlist and verify their employment history references, undertaking background checks.
  • Hold Skype/Zoom or telephonic job interviews to gauge whether the candidate would be great.
  • Welcome recently hired applicants by sending them a polite congratulatory message, which includes an explanation of the following steps and offers them the contact details of their line manager if they have any further questions.
  • Send the candidate their job contract, responsibilities, and standard operating procedures.
  • Amass, update, and manage the employee database comprising all the essential worker files and archives
  • Support the newly hired workers with the complete onboarding process and offer essential support and mentoring in the first couple of weeks.
  • Produce and update documents comprising all your business procedures and policies, which can include benefits, but also the company’s vision and core values and rules, to ensure that each staff member is familiar with such regulations, fully comprehending these, and agrees to them
    Set up the payroll system, determine, track, report, and manage each employee’s salary.
  • Set up additional tracking systems within your business, for example, worker attendance, to record whether they are at work and how much time off they have left.
  • Do administrative work such as filing, managing the staff’s documentation, and addressing the staff’s administrative questions.
  • Draft reports on different workers’ activities (such as performance evaluations, training, objections, etc.)
  • Arrange training materials and manage training sessions for new remote workers.
  • Organize worker projects (deadlines), reviews, and HR meetings, and take minutes.
  • Taking the role of a link between the business and its workers (which can include full-time, part-time, or freelance workers) to ensure proper communication and a rapid resolution of any questions
  • Help with additional day-to-day HR tasks; for instance, make sure the staff is motivated.

Why hire a human resource virtual assistant? 

A virtual assistant with the right HR qualifications, communication skills, and understanding of your local labor law would be able to perform the abovementioned tasks. This person can shave off hours from your busy day, improve your business’s effectiveness, and boost your workers’ moraleAs with any worker, you ensure that all channels are secure so that private and sensitive staff information is not leaked. Hiring a virtual assistant recruiter to help with admin and other HR tasks is becoming even more common globally.

Hire your virtual HR assistant, and start leveraging your business. Increase your efficiency now! 

Why Use A Virtual Assistant For HR

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