this is why use a virtual assistant since the dentist has more time with his clients

Why Use A Virtual Assistant For Your Dental Practice?

Are you a dentist running your own practice − but things have become a bit much? Alternatively, would you like to boost your business profile to gain more clients? If you lack the funds to hire a full-time onsite employee, there is an alternative – hiring a virtual assistant. But why use a virtual assistant for your practice? Is it even possible? The simple answer is yes! It’s possible to hire a virtual assistant to help you. In this article, we will explore the benefits of such a person and the work they can undertake. Let’s begin.

What can a virtual assistant offer you? 

Our clients describe virtual assistants as game-changers. If you are new to outsourcing, let’s explain why. A virtual assistant or remote assistant works remotely, doing the low-level tasks you don’t have the time for. Such tasks can be achieved for less than they are costing you now. Or there may be tasks that you or your team lack the skills to accomplish. Backtracking a little – low-level tasks imply those that are mostly admin-based. Traditionally, these tasks include data entry, appointment setting, email inbox management, personal assistant or customer service tasks. Applied to a dental practice, this wide focus can be narrowed down somewhat.

Virtual dental assistant

A virtual dental assistant can manage several tasks. For example, the remote person can act as a virtual dental receptionist. This would entail assisting with appointment management and scheduling. Furthermore, the remote person can assist with verbally confirming unconfirmed patients, can complete your billing collections and reports, and assist with tracing outstanding insurance claims.

why use a virtual assistant - this dentist knows why

The benefits of a virtual dental assistant 

Going back to the main question of why use a virtual assistant: a look should be taken at the benefits a virtual assistant can offer.

Save you time

A virtual assistant will free up your own time, but also the time of other staff members, so the focus can change to your core tasks. The lower-level tasks or admin tasks can then be off-boarded to a remote assistant to complete via the internet. The result for your staff would be to boost the morale at your practice. More so, it’s commonly known that the best-performing companies have one thing in common – they are places where the workers want to be. This is because the business owners and managers have changed their focus, honing in first on their staff. Staff members are well taken care of. That positive energy then trickles down as they interact positively with your clients.

Cut your admin burden

A dental practice means loads of admin that should be taken care of daily. Getting behind does not just mean more late nights but also the possibility of losing financially. Tasks like medical aid claims should be completed and submitted by a set time. If there is a delay, this could mean a claim that can’t be processed. Besides this – admin work can be draining. Moreover, you may not be used to doing admin; or you may want to focus on your core work instead. In that case, a virtual assistant can help to complete the admin-related tasks.

Help you where you need help

With a virtual assistant comes flexibility – which means you can scale up and scale down as your circumstances change. This can be achieved cost-effectively. A virtual assistant is much more cost-effective once the traditional office-related costs are factored in. These business expenses would cover the office’s location, mortgage payments, lease or rent payments, utilities such as heat, electricity, water, telephone, and internet; business insurance includes liability coverage and workers’ compensation coverage. Added costs would consist of office equipment such as printers, computers, software, chairs, desks, and other office supplies. There is also the money paid for staff salaries and their benefits, travel costs, and taxes.

What is next? 

If you are not totally sure what you want, do book a complimentary call with our outsourcing expert. Our expert has had more than a decade of experience with some of the world’s largest outsourcing companies. Our specialist, therefore, has the knowledge to guide you and to offer you solid recommendations. We also suggest that you make a list of the tasks you are doing, then list the tasks that you would want a virtual assistant to take care of. It might be that you also want an assistant to manage your social media channels. In that case, a virtual assistant with social media experience would be useful. Wherever you are with your decision, Aristo Sourcing is there to assist you. Make your booking, and let’s help you to scale and grow faster.

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