Why Hire a Virtual Assistant for a Nonprofit?

Nonprofits, charities, and other social enterprises must constantly obtain funding and keep their existing funders happy. In many cases, it means using their investments to supplement the costs of a project so that the funders can see a commitment from the organization. However, another way is to hire a virtual assistant for a nonprofit.

What is the importance of an NGO?

A nonprofit organization plays a crucial role in assisting everyday people to ensure their rights are protected by advocacy, monitoring governments and institutions, and helping people differently.

These can range from developing society to educating communities and encouraging citizen participation. The people who work for these organizations tend to see it as a calling and are dedicated to making a difference in the world.

What is the common challenge NGOs face?

The biggest challenge for nonprofits is funding. The recommendation from the Better Business Bureau’s standards is that salaries should be capped at 65% of the total costs and that the total costs of the NGO should be less than 35% of the fundraising efforts of a nonprofit organization. However, this does not always occur, and note that salaries usually include a healthcare stipend and additional benefits.

How can an NGO curb costs?

Cutting labor costs is the easiest and most effective method of curbing their expense. You can save up to 93% of your operating costs yearly compared to an on-site worker. This is because you don’t want to impact the projects negatively. Outsourcing can be a solution.

However, some executive directors believe in using volunteers to assist with the daily admin play and doing these tasks promptly. However, volunteers can be unreliable and lack the skills to complete the work correctly. In contrast, hiring a virtual assistant for a Nonprofit means onboarding the right person with the right skills to complete the work on time but still cost-effectively. 

What task can be delegated to a nonprofit virtual assistant?

A vital role a remote worker can play is the project manager, coordinating the different volunteers. Although volunteers can be a problem, they are helpful, especially in building relationships in their communities. However, you must manage your volunteers effectively and connect better with the NGO’s core staff to get the best out of your volunteers. Your remote assistant can help ensure the volunteer’s tasks are up-to-date and all the material they need is correctly branded and given to them to complete their tasks.

Linking with donors

Funding is critical, and building solid relationships with donors is even more important. Your virtual assistant or nonprofit organization’s virtual assistant can help send out letters of gratitude to them and keep them updated about events by sending our newsletters and invites and keeping a record of the funds received. Your donor will feel more connected, make NGOs dedicated, remain a donor for more extended, and promote your NGO to their network. 

Assist with fundraising and grant writing.

Grant writing is a skill, and asking an unskilled volunteer to complete it always works. To be professional, sending our clear and commanding grant letters is imperative. Your virtual worker can assist with these critical yet time-consuming tasks. Your virtual assistant can gather data about grant opportunities and donors, which you will need to fund your projects.

Support your organization

Time is a commodity many don’t have; a virtual assistant can help the team remain organized as your projects change and new grants are received. The same applies to NGOs by removing mundane and time-consuming tasks from your core workers and outsourcing this to a remote worker, which can do this.

Nonprofit virtual assistants can assist nonprofit organizations with tasks such as accounting, using QuickBooks, administration, managing human resources tasks, and payroll, including recruiting and training. However, a remote virtual personal assistant can help with technical tasks like IT management. 

Marketing your NGO

A virtual worker working online can also effectively market your nonprofit by informing the public of the programs and services through storytelling, which will engage the audience. This can be done through year-end reports and your organization’s social media communication by keeping the entries up to date and even assisting with video editing or graphic design. Also, a nonprofit organization virtual assistant can help with online marketing.

Are you ready to onboard your first virtual assistant for your NGO? 

Aristo Sourcing is here to assist. We recommend a discovery call (which is complimentary), where our skilled outsourcing expert can help you navigate this seemingly strange and unknown world. Our outsourcing expert will help you source the best virtual assistance with the right virtual experience, someone who can offer professional virtual assistant services for a small business or a nonprofit. But reach out if you need more information – connect with us and book your appointment today.

Why Hire A Virtual Assistant For A Nonprofit
How do I get started with a virtual assistant for my nonprofit?

When thinking of the right virtual assistant nonprofit, you need to know what tasks you want to offboard to a virtual assistant. This will help gauge your requirements, such as assistance with donations, contribution to social media management or email marketing, or help with your website. Then, reach out to Aristo Sourcing to assist you in sourcing a great person. 

What are the main tasks a virtual assistant for a nonprofit organization would perform?

An average nonprofit organization has a staff of 3 people. However, 70% of nonprofit organizations have a budget for a virtual assistant. Here, virtual assistants can be tasked to do several things: 

  • A virtual assistant can help with various tasks for a nonprofit, including administrative duties, customer service, and social media management.
  • Also, a virtual assistant should have experience with nonprofit software and tools, such as customer relationship management (CRM). I can assist with website management.
There are different reasons why an NGO will hire a virtual assistant

These tasks are: 

  • 50% of nonprofits use a virtual assistant for social media tasks.
  • 40% of nonprofits use a virtual assistant for website maintenance.
  • 30% of nonprofits use a virtual assistant for email management.
  • 20% of nonprofits use a virtual assistant for fundraising.
  • 10% of nonprofits use a virtual assistant for event planning.
  • 5% of nonprofits use a virtual assistant for grant writing.