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Social media has become a necessary part of the real estate business. You’re missing out on a massive opportunity if you’re not using it to grow your business. But how do you get started? What’s the best way to use social media? And what if you don’t know anything about it in the first place? The simple answer is hiring a virtual assistant for real estate businesses. 

I’ve written this article to give real estate professionals an overview of how they can use social media marketing to grow their businesses.

It doesn’t matter whether your brand is new or established; we’ll cover everything from creating an account on Facebook and posting your first post to setting up an email campaign that converts leads into clients at scale. Let’s dive right in!

You know you need to improve your social media.

You know you need to improve your social media presence. The real estate business is one of the most competitive industries in the world, and having a successful social media strategy is the key to success. Social media has become integral to building relationships with existing customers, getting your name out there, and promoting your business—and it’s also an excellent way for potential customers to find you!

There are many reasons why real estate agents should be using social media marketing:

Social media is your best way to reach potential customers

Where a website is passive, social media is active. Moreover, people spend more time on social media than ever before. If you want new clients, you need to be visible on Facebook and Instagram (and if those don’t appeal to you personally, then maybe LinkedIn is more up your alley).

Having an account allows others who follow similar interests or professionals in similar fields to access information about what professionals like yourself offer services without needing any prior knowledge about the service provider or clientele group.

Social media is an excellent way to build relationships with existing customers.

The beauty of social networking sites such as Facebook is how easy they make communicating with friends or family members who may live far away from us geographically speaking but still feel close emotionally due largely thanks.

You know your business needs social media help, but you’re unsure where to start.

You know your business needs social media help, but you’re unsure where to start. Taking the time to reflect on what you have tried, what is working for others, and what has failed for you will make it easier for a virtual assistant to understand the shape of your social media marketing strategy.

Before getting started, it’s vital that you:

What are your goals?

Understand your goals and objectives as a business owner or manager in real estate. What are the specific outcomes that you want from these channels?

Who is your target audience?

Know your target audience, why they need/want what they want, and how they consume content online. How can they be reached through various channels across multiple devices (desktop computers vs. mobile phones)?

Who is your competition? 

Be aware of how competitors use social media platforms (LinkedIn groups? Facebook Pages? Twitter accounts?). Are any best practices emerging from their efforts that might also be relevant to your business?

You don’t have time for social media.

People will not know who you are and what services you offer if you’re not active on social media. It would help if you consistently shared posts about your business and responded to comments.

Your social media strategy should include the following:

  • Planning out your content calendar ahead of time so that you can stay on top of posting consistently; use our free social media planner tool to help get started
  • Creating custom images for each type of post (for example, a photo for each property listing)
  • They use hashtags in your platforming (such as #realestate or #property). It’s also important to check if other people have used the same hashtag before posting with it.

A virtual assistant for real estate can help manage your social media for you!

If you’re a real estate agent and want to be more active on social media, we can help. There’s just so much stuff happening. You want to be there every day, but it takes forever to do it right if you’re managing multiple accounts.

That’s where Aristo Sourcing comes in! Aristo Sourcing can help source a virtual assistant for real estate businesses like yours to manage your social media accounts to ensure they stay current and relevant. So, when people search for the things that matter most, they see your listings at the top of their results. And because of their many years of experience, this process doesn’t take up any extra time from your busy schedule!

Your competition is beating you on social media.

Competition is a good thing. It’s a motivator and shows you where you need to improve. But in the case of your social media marketing, it’s not all about numbers. Your competition may have more followers than you do, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting more leads.

Your competitors can also help you find new ways to engage with your audience by sharing content from their accounts and showing potential buyers how their experiences differ from yours through reviews, testimonials, and other user-generated content (UGC).

It’s never too late to start growing your real estate business on social media.

You might be thinking: what do I have to lose? You’ve got nothing to worry about and everything to gain. When starting, it’s never too late or too early to start growing your real estate business on social media. And hey – if you’re anything like me and have been procrastinating getting started because you are overwhelmed by all the information (or maybe just a little intimidated), don’t worry! Plenty of tools available will help guide you through your journey so that, soon enough, you’ll be able to add more value for yourself and your clients than ever before.

The bottom line about hiring a virtual assistant for a real estate business to manage their social media

Social media is an incredible tool to drive website traffic and boost brand credibility. It’s also a great way to connect with your community, find new clients, and stay in touch with current ones.

Contact us today by booking your free consultation if you’re serious about growing your real estate business through social media! We’ll help you source a good virtual assistant for a real estate business that fits your needs and budget.

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