Top hacks to boost your eCommerce sites’ volumes

Last Updated on September 13, 2023

Growing your ecommerce sites, or electronic commerce or e-commerce sites can take 3 to 5 years to reach a point of success. That is 3 to 5 years of hardly any profit, only expenses. However, with the past COVID-19 pandemic starting in 2019 and seemingly not ending anytime soon, increasing numbers of consumers are opting to buy online via electronic means through the internet rather than visit a store. If you are clever and you know the tricks, you will be able to maximize your profits as you cash in on this surge in online shopping.

Most of these tips do not involve spending large amounts on marketing campaigns; instead, they are the key elements that have proven to lead to better results. Especially with stiff market competition, it is crucial that you stay ahead and do not do anything that could impede traffic from visiting your online store.

What is an eCommerce website?

An eCommerce website is an online platform, such as Amazon and Alibaba, or sites that offer services like iTunes that allow businesses or individuals to sell products or services directly to customers over the internet.

These websites, which are a direct competition to brick and mortar businesses, typically include features such as a shopping cart, online payment processing, and inventory management. Customers can browse and purchase products or services through the website, and the website owner can manage and fulfill the orders.

eCommerce websites can be used for various businesses, such as retail stores, subscription services, digital products, etc.

Boost your brand awareness

A brand that consumers can associate with and trust will do better than any unknown brand. This bond leads to loyalty and repeat purchases. To the same extent as you boost the brand’s popularity, your sales also increase.

In the digital world, you need a strong online presence. Your tools are social-media platforms, and implementing good SEO to organically drive traffic to your site.

However, your social media content needs to be engaging and informative. Remember, quality works in this game, rather than quantity.

Start slow, make sure you post regularly and keep your website updated. Also, make use of reviews and recommendations online, promoting these.

If potential customers observe that you have a great b, this will increase their chances of buying your brand.

Make sure your website is great

Too business owners with eCommerce sites overlook some simple aspects. One of these is having a website where the navigation is good.

Precisely the same way that no one likes to struggle to find something in a shop. No one wants to search for items online.

Frustrated potential customers will pass on to another site! Therefore, t is a high priority to make things easy for your customer.

A positive customer experience will, in turn, lead to more sales. Satisfied customers will naturally recommend your site to their friends.

Besides, navigation ensures that your website speed does not hamper customer experience. The rule for site loading is that this should take no longer than 3 seconds.

If you fail, you could lose your potential customers (and their money). To avoid sending potential consumers to your competitors, make sure you optimize your site.

A database is a massive asset − use it!

Even though email marketing has dropped off in recent years due to privacy but was, it is still a powerful marketing tool to boost high-quality leads and sales, through the use of sending out newsletters.

Critically factor has an up-to-date database that is segmented. If you segment your ma,rket you do not risk bombing people with spam emails.

But do remember that you can also increase customer loyalty by adding more content to your emails. Such content should be exciting and informative.

Your potential customers need to learn more about your brand can become informed brand ambassadors for your business.

Test it. It ly not that difficult

Unbelievably, some companies operating eCommerce sites do not test their links or the rest of their website.

You need to! It is vital to ensure that each inch is working 100%, as this will impact your conversation rate; therefore, if you want to try something but test it, make sure it also works on mobile devices.

Offer free shipping and boost wholesale figures

Offering free shipping can improve your business − it’s that simple. Do not be concerned about losing money on the shipping fee − you can add the thpaymentee to the retail price.

Another method is to offer an amount on which free shipping would be possible. That way, you increase sales through the volume while covering the shipping fee.

Offer excellent customer service

From improving the check-out process to helping a clip sitting one of your eCommerce sites, ensure this experience is the best. Make the check-out procestraightforwardard. Offer several payment options, making it easier for the customer to pay. But stand by and be ready to answer queries. You can use a chatbot to help you − to begin with, a few hours should work well.

Get to know your clients 

As you get to know your market, this will be helpful to use when you build up persons for your marketing campaigns. Also, study analytics better understand who and where your consumers are.

You will also be able to see who has dropped out and who is new. All of this will help you when you develop and revise your marketing strategies.

You will learn how to plan better. As a result, your ROI will increase.

The last thoughts about boosting your e-commerce site’s volumes 

You can do it. All you need to do is review the tooling and how you use them. Always remember that, even though you have a digital shop, you are still selling to humans; therefore, make the experieunforgettablezing.

If you do, you will, and without a d, doubt boost your brand and online sales. If you need more staff as you grow − then do contact Aristo Sourcing about hiring a virtual eCommerce support assistant, admin support, book-keeping support, online content writing, or other virtual assistant staff.

Aristo Sourcing will help you grow your business and take it to the next level.

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