Marketing Tool of Pinterest & Your Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pinterest has become a powerhouse in social media and a great marketing tool for growing your business. You can use Pinterest as an advertising tool in many different ways, but one is hiring a virtual assistant to help you manage your pins.

Utilizing social media as an advertising and marketing tool has become the norm. 

Utilizing social media as an advertising and marketing tool has become the norm for businesses. Social media is a powerful marketing tool that reaches millions, if not billions, of people. It’s easy to use, free and can promote your business, boost sales, and promote your products or services.

You may be familiar with Facebook and Instagram, but there are other platforms, such as Twitter and Pinterest (more on later). Many companies with great success use these platforms! The great thing about social media is that it’s free!

You don’t have to pay any money just so you can share your posts with others on Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter, which makes it a very cost-effective way of advertising your business online – especially when compared to traditional methods such as print ads where costs can quickly add up in no time at all if not accounted for properly beforehand!

Pinterest is more than just images! 

Besides sharing pictures of your products and services, you can pin blog posts, interesting articles, and other related media to increase your website’s traffic. For example, if you run a wedding planning business with several clients who are interested in getting married simultaneously, you might want to share different ways that couples have planned their weddings.

You could create a board called “Wedding Planner Inspiration,” where you pin images of beautiful wedding venues, stunning gowns, bouquets, flower arrangements, etc. This will help drive traffic and inform future clients about what they must consider when planning their weddings.

Your virtual Pinterest assistant can do it for you.

Your virtual assistant will know how to correctly format a post so that search engine spiders read it to help boost your website’s SEO. Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to share photos and discover new content. It’s also an excellent place for businesses to promote their products, services, and visual brand identity. Your virtual assistant will help you maximize Pinterest’s potential by:

  • Creating engaging descriptions for your pins

  • Pinning at the right time of day so that it gets more views

  • Tagging other people in your posts (so they can repin it)

Drive traffic to your website

You can even use Pinterest to direct traffic to your website or store to make sales. Also, use Pinterest marketing to direct people back to your site for more information about products and services.

If you have an online store, consider creating boards that show off specific items for sale. This will help bring people into the store, where they can see the item up close, read about it, and possibly buy it if they like what they see.

Let your virtual assistant boost your sales!

A Pinterest VA can help you by increasing the visibility of your products. They are familiar with strategies that work on Pinterest and know how to get more people following your boards, liking your pins, repinning, and sharing from your pins. They also know how to increase the number of people who see every pin you create or post.

You need someone familiar with what works on Pinterest and has experience implementing these tactics for other businesses so you can be sure it will work for yours, too.

A true virtual assistant won’t just create a bunch of followers or board memberships for you – they will also build relationships with them by liking their pins and commenting on their content.

This is important because if someone liked one of my pins, but I didn’t like theirs back, they won’t think anything special about me when they come across my account again later! It all comes down to building relationships to grow organically over time rather than trying too hard at first before losing interest altogether when things don’t seem quite right yet…

Understand your needs

Before you begin to pay for service, you must clearly know what level of service you need.

What do you want your virtual assistant to do?

Asking yourself this question will help guide your decision-making process and make hiring the right person for the job easier.

  • Do they need to be able to research how Pinterest works, or are they expected to post pins on behalf of their client?
  • Are they responsible for creating new content or just repurposing existing content?

The answer depends on your goals and the available budget (if any). It’s also important because it impacts what type of work we can do for you and affects how much time we spend working with Pinterest on behalf of our clients!

Use Pinterest to reach more people.

When you rely on a Pinterest VA to manage your Pinterest pins, you’ll likely reach more potential customers online.

Pinterest is a great way to promote your business.

You can also use it to make money by selling products, services, or digital goods.

By creating an account and following other pinners in your niche, you can boost your SEO and get more traffic while building up an audience interested in what you offer.

Once you have a solid following on the site, use it as a tool for lead generation by sharing content on relevant boards and turning those who engage with your pins into followers of your blog or Facebook page, where they will be exposed to more information about what you do!


Ultimately, it’s important to remember that Pinterest is just one tool in your marketing arsenal. You won’t see results overnight—it takes time and planning to build a strong following on any social media site.

By working with a VA who understands how Pinterest works and has experience managing pins for other brands, you can quickly tap into this powerful platform and start seeing results immediately!

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