Exactly what does a Contract Pinterest Assistant do?

You can hire a Pinterest VA to grow your business. However, before you ask what does a Pinterest virtual assistant do precisely, let’s focus on exactly what a contract Pinterest assistant is.

What is a contract Pinterest assistant? 

A virtual assistant (VA) is a person who works for a company as a contractor, freelancer, or employee. Because of high-speed internet, social networking, and document sharing, most VAs work from home. The term “virtual assistant” has existed since the 1990s, when the internet was just being established. Then, with Tim Ferriss’s release of The 4-Hour Workweek, VAs have become increasingly popular. In short, a Pinterest VA is fully focused on the Pinterest platform. From there on, there are many and varied tasks that they can take care of.

what does a Pinterest virtual assistant do

6 Tasks that you can delegate to a virtual Pinterest assistant

If you own a business, especially an eCommerce or other online business, and want to promote your brand through social media, Pinterest marketing is worthwhile. The benefit for businesses is that, although working with Pinterest requires perseverance, the payoff can be enormous. Also, using Pinterest to create new, high-quality content may help you develop your business exponentially! Additionally, the figures on Pinterest are mind-boggling especially based on its start. Pinterest began with 250 million monthly active users. This platform is, therefore, a fantastic way of putting your company’s name out there! If you have a website, Pinterest can help you increase visitors.

What is the purpose of a contract Pinterest Assistant? 

Pinterest managers and virtual assistants can work on a number of projects. A simple list of services is as follows: create graphics for Pinterest, conduct keyword research, draft the copy for the pin, analyze and evaluate Pinterest’s data and insights, organize and plan Pinterest content, and create and monitor Pinterest adverts (known as Promoted Pins). All of these services may assist business owners in focusing on developing content for their company. They may thereafter employ a contract Pinterest assistant to help them maintain and advertise their business on Pinterest!

1) Follow Pinterest’s best practices and put them into action

Pinterest, like other social media platforms, employs an algorithm that prioritizes the presentation of high-quality material to its users. Pinterest, unlike the other sites, genuinely provides you with content suggestions. Here is a list of Pinterest marketing chores to get you started: Consistently pin fresh content; seasonal patterns should be researched and kept up to date; pins and Pinterest boards should include keyword descriptions; create pin graphics that are consistent with your brand.

2) Create graphics for Pinterest

Before you publish anything on Pinterest, you should start by creating Pinterest visuals. Pinterest also offers guidance on how to make pin designs and how to size photos for your pins.

3) Do some keyword research on Pinterest

Every pin should include a title and a brief explanation of what the pin is to pinners. Virtual assistants may research keywords to use on each pin, and don’t forget about hashtags!

4) Analytics on Pinterest

Pinterest metrics are valuable and continue to improve. Pinterest referral traffic is also tracked by Google Analytics.

5) Pin content Pinterest scheduling

Pin material can be manually published by Vas using a pin scheduler. It’s simple to schedule pins ahead of time. However, what type of material do virtual assistants (VAs) pin? They will, for the most part, disseminate blog entries with links to their clients’ websites. This can also include posting Instagram photos and quoting graphics and pins that encourage people to sign up for email newsletters.

6) Pinterest advertising promoted pins

Pinterest’s Promoted Pins are pretty incredible. For starters, they’re reasonably priced. Second, once the promotion time is over, your promoted pins will remain on Pinterest indefinitely.

The benefits of using a contact Pinterest assistant

The top Pinterest virtual assistants are proactive and meticulous in their management techniques. Pinterest management remains at the top priority of the site activities. Pinterest VAs keep their clients up to date on what is working successfully for their company. They provide ideas for areas that may be improved. Also, because most VAs work from home, they can choose their own hours. You may engage a virtual assistant (VA) from anywhere in the globe to manage your Pinterest account. Do bear in mind, however, that it might take several months for Pinterest to show positive results. Keep your head up! Success will come: there will be steady growth, and once it arrives, it will take off sprinting!

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