Hire a Virtual Assistant to Manage Your Data Entry Tasks

Managing data entry tasks can be challenging for businesses of all sizes in a world where time is a precious commodity. Fortunately, there is a solution: hiring a virtual data entry assistant. A virtual data entry assistant is an efficient remote consultant that can take the burden of data entry off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what really matters – growing your business to the next level.

In this article, we explore the valuable benefits of bringing a virtual assistant on board to meet your data entry needs, save you time, reduce errors, and increase productivity. Say goodbye to data entry headaches and hello to smooth operation with a trusted virtual data entry assistant by your side.

What is data entry? 

Data entry is clerical work that involves capturing various forms of data (namely, voice or typed) into a computer system. Data entry is utilized by multiple sectors, ranging from retail to healthcare. Many do not find data entry, seen as clerical work, entertaining. Instead, data-entry work is viewed as repetitive and time-consuming. Data entry is essential for filing, auditing, and using data efficiently. This is, however, a much-neglected chore. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a virtual data-entry assistant to complete this arduous task, doing so cost-effectively.

What are the benefits of outsourcing data entry?

Three factors can affect your revenue: time management, product quality, and overhead costs. Time management is about spending your time wisely, thus gaining the maximum benefit from hours devoted to labor. Since your time is limited, you need to spend your energy where you can make full benefit. Data entry is a time-wasting task for a manager or business owner. Outsourcing saves you energy and allows you to focus on more critical tasks. Notwithstanding, you need to deliver high-quality products; therefore, having the data on hand can help enhance the quality. Data entry is vital, but to reduce costs, outsourcing means that a virtual assistant can achieve results quickly and efficiently for less than you would need to pay a full-time onsite staff member.

What is a virtual data-entry assistant? 

A virtual data entry assistant (or online data entry clerk) works remotely from their home office, assisting you with your administrative tasks. Their focus is on data entry into a database, which the company’s core team can easily access with ease. A virtual data-entry assistant costs less than an onsite employee to complete the data-entry work. Moreover, the benefit of hiring a virtual assistant is that they can save the company time, improve how resources are used, and therefore boost productivity.

Data Entry Tasks

What does a data entry clerk do? 

Data entry, as a task, is rather wide open. It can range from social media, bookkeeping, and eCommerce to keyword research. However, a data entry analyst will complete some everyday tasks. These tasks are preparing, gathering, and sorting out the data for entry. Test the data for accuracy. Bring up to date the data on the database, removing unnecessary or dated files. Examine finalized work for correctness. Retain records of tasks and activities.

Hiring your first virtual data-entry specialist

Hiring your first data entry assistant might appear daunting at first. It is also a much more comprehensive than usual market that you would be hiring from – your assistant can be from almost anywhere in the world. However, making use of an outsourcing agency will ease the process of screening and selecting a suitable candidate. The outsourcing agency will do the hard yards, selecting the perfect candidate for you. This is the advised approach. It’s a hard truth that many managers do not know how to hire effectively, which can lead to the exercise failing quickly. Here are some key elements to consider when hiring your perfect data entry assistant.

The key steps to take when hiring a virtual data-entry assistant

Here are the most critical steps you should consider when hiring your first virtual data entry assistant.

Draft a plan

Billionaire Warren Buffett once declared, “An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.” Therefore, don’t be foolish − start with a solid plan. This will help you succeed. Also, you need not place everything on the draft plan – the plan is there simply to guide you in the right direction. As such, you still want to remain flexible. But what is critical is knowing what you need; then, you can move to the next step.

Draft your core tasks list.

Once you know what you need, it’s time to list the tasks that you would like to offboard to a virtual data entry assistant. Not all such charges and the skills required to complete them. You can also assess and note the level of difficulty of each task.

Complete a document for your virtual assistant.

Set down all your rules and protocols to clarify the tasks to the virtual helper. In this document, you should say what must be completed and what is not always as urgent. Also, you should be adding login details. If you do not want to share login details, we suggest you use LastPass (a free app on which you can share login details without sharing the password).

How do you effectively delegate your data-entry work?

 Merely handing over tasks and setting work for your virtual assistant is not actual delegation. Ideally, you would want to sidestep a learning curve situation. This is a costly exercise, which can be very frustrating. To delegate correctly, here are some tips to take note of:

Trust the process! 

The process might seem formidable, but just remember that you can scale up your business by an easy 20% simply by offloading your repetitive tasks to a virtual assistant. As such, focus on maintaining your high standards and learn from blunders. Don’t lower your ideals to speed the process up. The worst turn you can do to yourself is to hire an online assistant unilaterally. So many entrepreneurs and managers fail when they attempt the hiring process. Inevitably, they fail to approach the hiring process correctly. As a business owner or manager, you should have a clear set of goals for your recruits. For example, this can be as modest as, for instance, stating that all entries should be perfect and completed in a certain way. This means that the new hire will have a clear expectation of what to do from day one.

Allow some time for adjustment.

Your virtual assistant must be allowed to acclimatize. This does not usually take long; however, keep this in mind. Conversely, do not allow an extended period to be the norm.

Data-entry assistant job description

You will seek an attentive data entry clerk to update your business databases constantly. The data entry assistant will communicate with and follow up with workers within the business and clients, thus collecting data. The data entry analyst will capture the info into appropriate databases well-timed and precisely. The analyst will recognize and correct mistakes and quickly bring them to the attention of applicable people whenever necessary.

Data entry duties involve:

  •  gathering data and capturing it promptly,
  • to make sure that the company databases are up to date,
  • correctly plotting all progress, updates, and
  • dealings.

Therefore, the best data entry specialist will be diligent, attentive, efficient, and possess quality people skills.

However, what is data entry, and what tasks must a data entry assistant be conversant with? 

A data entry clerk can easily manage the following tasks: Collect statements, invoices, reports, personal particulars, documents, and info from workers, other departments, and customers. Skim through info to detect valid facts. Amend mistakes and consolidate the information to enhance swift and correct capturing. Create authentic spreadsheets. Enter and bring up-to-date data into applicable databases. Make sure that certain documents are backed up. Notify appropriate parties regarding faults stumbled upon. Keep copies of documents while ensuring that the retrieval process is easy. Manage extra responsibilities from time to time.

Hiring your first virtual data entry assistant

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