10 HR Assistant Duties to Help Your HR Team

Your business has grown, and you need assistance with your human resources tasks, or your HR department needs more hands. Hiring new staff can be costly, especially in the long term. Hiring a virtual assistant is an alternative many businesses are going for – and here are the HR duties that can assist your company and team. In short, these are duties a virtual assistant can take care of so that things run smoothly, reducing any possible discontent in the workplace.

What does a virtual HR assistant do?

HR is essential for your business, especially if yours is a medium-to-large company. The HR department ensures that the company complies with all applicable regulations and laws and that employees are supported. As such, an HR assistant handles the daily HR duties, providing the link between employee and employer.

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HR assistant duties

Hire new staff members

An HR assistant can manage the complete hiring process. This would include collecting all the employment data, gathering the applications, perusing the background of candidates, checking references, and preparing the employment offer letter. HR assistants also act as a point of contact for candidates seeking more information about an advertised position or having questions about the company.

Help with staff onboarding.

It’s critical to offer proper orientation for recruits. This is to help the new members find their feet, introduce them to the team, and pass on the company’s philosophy. The benefits of the orientation process are that it can assist in retaining employees, reduce turnover, and build a more robust trust level between employee and employer. Moreover, this process helps the recruit to transition successfully into the new office environment.

Payroll processing

Managing the payroll is also the role of the HR department. Payroll processing includes ensuring that all working hours have been correctly tallied and that leave and sick days are monitored and recorded before being added to the payroll system. The HR staff should also address any concerns the staff might have. However, this duty can affect company culture. Failing to manage it correctly can lead to distrust and, at worst, legal battles, with staff leaving the business.

Note maintenance

Managing each staff member’s employment record is a task a virtual HR assistant can manage. This record should include information about the staff member’s benefits, employment issues, sick times, leave dates, and when the worker has been non-productive. As such, this document is a history of the employee at the company. It can be used when a staff member is considered for a promotion or when a member is dismissed.

Act as a connection with external vendors

Another HR duty that a virtual assistant can manage is being the link between the company and external agencies. These agencies include companies such as insurance companies that manage employee retirement and or health-care benefits. If there are any issues with these external companies, the HR assistant should be able to assist the worker.

File audits

Well-kept HR records are the consequence of constant file audits. This key HR responsibility ensures that records are truthful and current. The virtual HR assistant executes HR file audits to certify that all mandatory official papers are filed. The onus is on the company to have this prepared annually.

Employee activist

The goal of an HR department is to address concerns by paying attention to any issues about the workers − such issues can be addressed internally. Many businesses are concerned that problems are not properly managed − workers then turn to unions. This means that the staff issues are addressed outside the company. Thus, the company loses control of its own.

Employee acknowledgment

Contented workers are those personnel who feel appreciated by the business. One of the HR assistant’s duties would be to arrange events that can help to foster a sense of community at work. This might include a special employee program offering incentives. Or the company could run an employee-of-the-month program. Either way, offering any form of respect towards to the worker will boost productivity and help to build a strong team.

Arranging team-building events

An HR assistant can also help by arranging team-building events. These can be events such as scavenger hunts. The goal is to enhance communication among the team, increase their planning skills, help motivate them and augment their collaboration skills. The idea is to use a fun activity to teach the staff these essential skills using a practical exercise.

Clerical support

Many of the HR assistant duties are clerical. A virtual HR assistant can be handy here. The HR manager will then be free to focus on more critical tasks. Clerical tasks can include answering calls, filing, making travel arrangements, and attending to other trivial yet necessary tasks.

The bottom line

A virtual assistant can be useful for fulfilling the various HR assistant duties. This will save the company time, ensure that all files are up to date, and, more so, act as the glue to hold a productive and happy workforce together. 

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