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Have a VA Create You Solid Real Estate Leads

If you want to increase your real estate sales, you will need more leads. Especially if the market is a sellers’ market, you need to move quickly to find the best properties first. Hiring additional staff for your office can be unaffordable. But there is an alternative – hire a virtual assistant or VA to generate real estate leads for you!


What is a real estate virtual assistant (VA)? 

A virtual assistant for a real estate agent or agency works remotely. One of the many tasks such a person is competent with is the generation of leads. Moreover, a virtual assistant can act as a data and CRM tool for your real estate agency. This is because a virtual assistant can offer you the top real estate lead generation service, finding you potential customers. Here the virtual assistant can mark the leads based on LSM, location, income bracket, age, gender, and more. However, the data collected will depend on your requirements.

tasks of a va lead gen spesialist

Using lead generation for success

Lead generation is a process of finding, then converting contacts to buyers of your service or products. When it comes to the real estate industry, there are some unique challenges. Amongst these challenges are finding the best sites and software, and employing a range of different customer-experience strategies.

Hot and cold leads

Leads can vary from hot to cold. The difference lies in how much the leads interact with your website, content, and social media channels. The more your leads interact with your brand, the better the chance that they will convert to becoming a user of your products or services. That said, this does not mean that a cold lead is a dead end. This may simply indicate that the lead might still need some work to push them further into the marketing funnel. To determine whether a lead is still a possibility, check whether they are still on your subscriber list; ascertain whether they are opening your emails. It might be that they are not ready to convert yet; or they may be seeking more information. Therefore, don’t give up on them.

VA working on hot and cold leads

The email campaign

An effective marketing strategy is to use emails to convert consumers. What is key is to make sure that your email list is clean − you do not want incorrect emails on your list. Also, if emails are bouncing, this can negatively impact your spam rating. Consider removing such email addresses. Also, when you are creating your email, use a simple template. A striking group of images might look good, but they might not even be visible. Rather go for text, and maximum one link. Adding more links can make your email appear spam.

VA using email marketing

The bottom line

Let Aristo Sourcing help you source a real estate lead generator who can help you boost your revenue. Such a VA will sort the leads into hot and cold lists. The next step would be to initiate an email campaign aimed at the hot leads. This will start the process of converting them to potential consumers of your products or services.

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