Do You Need a (Virtual) Human Resources Generalist?

A human resources generalist is one of the most versatile HR experts available. Such an individual is accountable for ensuring that the staff comply with the business procedures and policies. Also, they will ensure that the onboarding process runs smoothly. This person will see that the recruit is given all the information they need to complete their work. But do you need a human resources generalist?

What is a Virtual Human Resources Generalist?  

A virtual human resources generalist is an HR manager with a broad knowledge of the subject and can handle any HR task. The generalist understands the policies and procedures related to every department and can resolve any issue or question in areas such as benefits, compensation, training, and employee relations. A generalist likely has an undergraduate degree in human resources or business, advanced HR certificates, and strong communication and interpersonal skills. Moreover, in line with other virtual assistants, this person works remotely, and as a consultant to the business, they are assisting.

What Does a Remote Human Resources Generalist Do? 

A virtual human resources generalist’s primary task is to aid a company’s smooth and efficient operation by overseeing its human resources. This job is achieved through many channels, from interviewing to scheduling to payroll management. A virtual HR specialist may work with various people in various ways, but the goal is the same: harmony between employees and the company. This person is also known as an HR generalist.

Does a Company Need a Human Resources Generalist? 

The simple answer is that it depends on the company and its needs.

The pro stance

For some businesses, a virtual human resource generalist is critical; however, this hire is not essential to every company. Human resources generalists are in high demand because their knowledge of the legal and regulatory requirements benefits the business. Also, they will be tasked to ensure that the employees are happy and motivated. Additionally, they will handle and solve any employee’s problems by making specific decisions.

The stance against

Conversely, some managers have the heart and passion to treat employees with respect and dignity. These managers have a knack for dealing with issues arising in the daily lives of their employees. They have an understanding of the employees of the company and treat them like family.

In this case, a remote HR generalist may be extra. It must be borne in mind that such attention to staffing issues demands time, energy, and sensitivity, which may be hard to muster when there are other heavy demands on the manager. Hiring a virtual assistant is helpful because the company can gain many new and essential skills for managing their staff. The company can remain agile without paying the same as they would if they were to hire an onsite employee. 

How a Startup Can Benefit by Going Virtual

Startups need a virtual human resource expert to help them attract the best candidates for the job, manage the payroll, and even train the employees. Human resource management is essential in any business, as most startups usually have limited financial resources.

Hence, it is necessary to maximize the use of resources and to ensure that employees are correctly motivated. Trained human resource management professionals can efficiently handle all these tasks. More so, the cost of hiring a virtual assistant is much lower than the cost of a full-time onsite assistant. The startup can save resources, which will be limited. 


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