Digital Nomad Founders Can Run a 7-Figure Business with the Right Help

Last Updated on September 13, 2023

Being a successful entrepreneur is hard work. It takes a great deal of time and energy to keep your business running smoothly while growing. The right team will help you get things done faster; however, hiring the wrong team can be costly in both time and money while they learn how to do their job. In this article, we’ll go over the steps you need to take as an entrepreneur who wants to become a digital nomad. You can then focus more on growing your business rather than just keeping it afloat.

Entrepreneurs have a clear vision of their business, who they are as an entrepreneur, and what they want to accomplish

  • Know your business
  • Also, know your goals
  • Know who you are as an entrepreneur
  • Additionally, know what you want to accomplish

The first step in hiring a virtual assistant is to have a clear vision of who you are as an entrepreneur and the goals you want to accomplish. Your vision should be written down so it can be shared with team members, both for accountability reasons and for their input. It’s also important that the vision be reviewed regularly so that everyone on the team knows where they’re going and how they’re getting there.

Entrepreneurs understand that they can’t do it all themselves − and they don’t try to

Entrepreneurs know what is important and what can be delegated. They understand that delegation is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength.

Entrepreneurs know how to delegate, which systems are important for running their business, and how those systems work

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably good at both coming up with ideas and executing them. However, as your business grows, it becomes more and more difficult to handle all the tasks that come along with it. This is where a virtual assistant comes in.

By delegating tasks like email responses, social media management, and even sales calls to your VA, you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

The best VAs will already have figured out how to set up systems for aspects such as email marketing campaigns or lead generation, so they know exactly what needs to be done each day when they get into the office. In addition to this, they also know how metrics work (for example, keeping track of open rates). Processes will then run as smoothly as possible for both parties involved–you’ll manage some quality work without needing much involvement from yourself. You will still be able to measure campaign effectiveness against other tactics being used at the same time (e.g., direct mail).

Entrepreneurs are not afraid to spend money in order to grow their business

A digital nomad entrepreneur who knows what they are doing will not be afraid to spend money in order to grow their business. Entrepreneurs understand that this is an investment, and they know that the value of their business will increase over time.

This is important because many people have failed at starting businesses because they did not invest enough money into their ideas. Many entrepreneurs hear people saying, “You should have spent more time on marketing, or more time building a team”, but if you ask me, there are only two questions to ask when growing a business:

  • Are you spending your time wisely?
  • How much are you investing in your product/service/brand?

Entrepreneurs hire experts to cover aspects that they aren’t good at, or don’t enjoy doing

“I will hire an expert for the things that I am not good at or don’t enjoy doing.” This is one of my favorite quotes by Gary Vaynerchuk because it so perfectly describes why having a VA is essential for entrepreneurs who live the digital nomad lifestyle. When you are running a business, there are some things that require your full attention; and then there are other tasks that can easily be outsourced to someone else (i.e., a virtual assistant). One of the most effective ways of making more money as an entrepreneur is to find experts in various fields that can do what you cannot do, or don’t have time for. You will then be able to travel the world while working on your business. Hiring a VA may sound like something only big companies can afford. However, there are many other reasons for hiring someone to help you grow your 7-figure business:

Entrepreneurs are comfortable with letting go of tasks (and sometimes control)

Delegating tasks can be unnerving. It takes time, energy, and effort to find a good VA. You have to do your research and make sure they’re the right fit for you and your business.

However, once you find that perfect person, it’s so worth it! They can take on some of the most mundane tasks that would otherwise eat away at your time. Also, because a VA works remotely, it doesn’t cost any more than what you already spend on an assistant.

This means more time for you! No more research articles or client emails wrote in bed at night. You can catch up on work emails every morning before going into the office. No more late nights coding projects when all else fails −you get to focus on what really matters: growing your business with more clients and revenue.

Entrepreneurs teach their teams how to do the work, and then let them do it

It’s important to teach your team how to work, before letting them handle it. You can’t micro-manage every little detail if you want to grow your business. If employees are working correctly and there aren’t any major issues, focus on the big picture instead of on each individual task.

The 7-figure digital nomad entrepreneur has a clear vision of their goals and of who they are

The 7-figure digital nomad entrepreneur understands that they can’t do it all themselves, and therefore they don’t try to. They know the value of having a team around them to help them grow their business, freeing up time for more strategic decisions. Entrepreneurs are able to hire virtual assistants (VAs) because someone reliable and trustworthy will make sure their business is managed with excellence every single time, without fail.

The 7-figure digital nomad entrepreneur has taken the time necessary to develop their skillset. The entrepreneur can become an expert at running an online business while still being able to live anywhere in the world!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and have learned some new things about how to run a 7-figure business. If you are looking for ways of growing your business and making it more efficient, hiring a VA is definitely something I recommend. No matter what stage of the game you’re at as an entrepreneur, it never hurts to take advantage of any tools that can help you succeed!


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