Hiring a VA to Do your LinkedIn Outreach? Read This!

Last Updated on September 13, 2023

The notion of hiring a VA (virtual assistant) to give your lead generation a swift boost can be alluring. However, do be careful – there are three challenges you must be aware of. If you are already aware of these challenges and know how to deal with them, you will find the process of hiring a virtual assistant for your outbound prospecting on LinkedIn more rewarding!

Issue 1 – Communication

The principal concern is communication. If you choose to onboard a virtual assistant from abroad, a main concern is the possible language barrier. This can be a real concern. Initially, there can be a delay, which will result in work taking twice or four times longer because of language issues. You might also have to use screenshots and screen shares to ease the onboarding process.

How to overcome the communication challenge

It is suggested that you hire virtual assistants who speak the same language as yourselves and your market. If this means that your market is native-English speakers, you should match your virtual assistants to this language group.

You could opt for the cheaper Philippine- or Indian-based virtual assistant; however, the differences will slowly build up, and your customers will know that you have been trying to cut costs too much.

In addition, let’s be honest, it will not only be your clients who will feel the frustration − you will too.

Issue 2 – Ability

The second challenge you might be faced with is the virtual assistant’s ability to conduct lead generation.

There are two aspects we should mention here. The first is the candidate’s own skill set relating to lead generation and using lead generation software.

Secondly, you have to invest in the correct lead-generation software tools and any other software that might be needed. However, a skilled virtual lead generation assistant will be able to work with the tools to generate leads on LinkedIn and will know the best practices.

How to avoid been caught hiring the wrong person

To ensure that you hire someone with the genuine ability to complete the tasks, you need to know how to hire.

The problem is that many business owners and entrepreneurs consider themselves capable of hiring their own virtual assistants, not needing to involve an outsourcing agency.

This is where they go wrong – many business owners and managers struggle to hire great people. The candidate might tell you they have the experience you are looking for − however, do they?

At Aristo Sourcing, we know how to filter candidates, retaining only the best. We retain only the top talent that can accomplish the work professionally and correctly.

Issue 3 – Monitoring performance

The last problem is monitoring performance. You must accept that the virtual assistant may make blunders (predominantly when they first begin).

Hiring a virtual assistant for the first time can be a difficult experience for many business owners, especially if they are hiring a virtual assistant directly.

Many managers will start to micromanage the virtual assistant by having them use a remote desktop and, at the same time, monitor them with a spare laptop.

Such actions will only drive you mad and be counterproductive.

How to monitor a VA’s performance effectively

Start small by starting with one task. Don’t over-complicate things. We know that you want to gain the most from a virtual assistant – but let’s be real − you are hiring someone to do your LinkedIn outreach, not your social media, website management, and multiple other tasks.

Therefore, let them focus on their work. Your outsourcing agency, however, should be monitoring your virtual assistant’s progress, and conducting some periodic checks. This should free up your time while the work will be completed.

The opportunities await

With the three key concerns addressed, you are ready to reap the rewards as your virtual assistant mines and contacts more leads on LinkedIn. It is here that Aristo Sourcing can assist you to boost your lead generation.

With Aristo Sourcing, we eliminate the headaches normally linked to hiring a virtual assistant. Our company will ensure that your VA does not waste your time during the induction period.


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