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9 Tasks for a Human Resource Assistant

As your business scales, you will need to hire more talent. This includes having a human resource department, or a Human Resource Assistant do the hiring. The main function, however, of a virtual HR assistant is more than simply hiring. Such a person must ensure that the workplace is conducive to growth and that everything runs smoothly.

What does a human resource assistant do?

In a nutshell, a human resource professional’s function or core duties are to ensure that the company complies with regulations and laws; and that they are there to assist the staff.

As such, a human resource assistant will take care of the standard HR duties and be the contact person liaising between the staff and the business. Here are the top nine tasks that can be delegated to an HR assistant.

The HR assistant can hire new staff

Much needed but time-consuming is setting up the employee brief, promoting the vacancies, and gathering the applications. Just as tedious is checking the applicants’ backgrounds, conducting reference checks, and limiting the resumes to the top candidates.

Additionally, the virtual assistant will be the first contact with the business and will therefore answer any queries an applicant might have.

An assistant can help with onboarding new workers

A virtual human resource assistant can help with the onboarding process. In this process, the new staff member will need to be orientated and get to know the company better. This includes knowing the policies of the company.

Overall, the goal is to ensure a smooth transition, and the new employee eases into the business without issues. Some practical aspects would be arranging for a laptop and access to software for the new staff member.

A virtual HR assistant can help with payroll processing

A virtual assistant can easily manage the task of payroll. Here the assistant can check that all the hours worked are correct and whether holidays or sick days are due.

All the data must thereafter be entered into the payroll system. The virtual assistant can address employee payroll queries. Also, if there are conflicts, the assistant can impartially address these.

While the team works the human resource assistant works remotely

Virtual assistants can record maintenance

Staff record maintenance is a key business function. The larger the business, the more critical it is to keep proper records.

A virtual HR assistant can handle, organize, and update the files. The virtual assistant will file the workers’ employee benefits, the workers’ status, any sick leave or overtime, and any issues that have occurred during employment.

Additionally, the files would state the performance evaluations, concerns, and, if any, corrective actions that were taken.

The virtual assistant as contact with vendors

A natural link between the business and human resource vendors is the human resource assistant. These vendors would include insurance and pension funds.

Here the virtual assistant would start the process of adding an employee. When a worker leaves, the correctly calculated funds are transferred to the worker.

In addition, the assistant can help to explain the terms to the worker and address any of their questions. If the assistant cannot provide an answer, they can gather the relevant information before passing it on to the worker.

Assistants can file audits

Constant file audits are needed. The remote assistant can ensure that the human resource file records are up to date and correct before conducting human resource file audits. Such audits must be conducted annually.

Assistants can also help with employee advocacy

A growing and important trend is companies that are more worker-focused. Employees know that if the workers are happy, they are productive and will remain longer with the company.

Therefore, the employees’ concerns must be heard, and active measures must be taken to address these. This can also include arranging team-building sessions or charity events to help the workers act as a team.

Worker acknowledgment

Besides simply supplying the needs of the employees, they must also feel valued by the company. Therefore, the human resource assistant can arrange incentives to boost the staff’s recognition within the company.

This can be anything, such as a special dinner benefit to the team achieving the most sales or a special trip for those exceeding expectations.

As such, the staff will feel valued and promote the company in their social spaces. This means that people in their circle would want to work at this company.

Assistants can offer clerical support

A virtual HR assistant’s role is mostly clerical. For instance, they might offer clerical support to an HR manager or CEO.

As such, their tasks would include responsibilities such as filing, making travel arrangements, answering calls, and other admin-related work. Moreover, the assistant would also act as the human resource department where the business is small.

As for larger businesses, assistants would be useful to provide much-needed help to onboard the low-level tasks so that the managers can focus on more critical work.

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