10 Different Types of Virtual Assistants You Can Hire Today

Beginning a new business venture as a solo employee can be daunting. But most people are strapped down to get their businesses off the ground. That means long hours.

However, when the company starts to settle, but the work becomes too much, it’s time to scale your workforce – this is where virtual assistants can be helpful. There are different types of virtual assistants

A Virtual Assistant

What is a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant or independent contractor is a person who works remotely. They can accomplish the same tasks as onsite staff. However, the business expenses of hiring a remote assistant are far smaller. Yet, cost saving isn’t the only reason business owners hire virtual assistants. Nevertheless, it’s one of the biggest drivers. 

For instance, a business can save up to 60% on costs generally attached to an employee. These savings can help the company not become too stretched, thus retaining an acceptable cash flow. A virtual assistant, or vendor, is not an employee of a company.

Instead, virtual assistants are independent, responsible for paying taxes, and will complete your work in their home office. This saves you money when outlining costs associated with equipment, office space, and other sundries. 


Virtual assistants or vendors furnish work for businesses but do so independently. There is much debate on the role outsourcing might have – however, the driver is money.

Small businesses and solo entrepreneurs can benefit massively from hiring a vendor. There is no need to pay for benefits, taxes, or office equipment – all this means savings for a business. There is no sick leave to contend with.

Outsourcing escalates, especially during recessionary times, simply because of the huge money savings for the business. 

Key Questions to Consider Before Outsourcing

Before you consider outsourcing for your business, consider these key questions: 

1) What is your main goal in outsourcing?
2) What is your budget?
3) How involved do you want to be in the daily operations?
4) Are there clear deadlines that should be met?
5) Are you willing to share your passwords and other information?

Consider these questions carefully because the answers will frame your approach. Also, consider the core logic surrounding outsourcing.

You gain much extra time to apply yourself to getting ahead. Delegating to different types of virtual assistants enhances your efficiency. Reducing business overheads boosts your profits.

The Top 10 Vendors to Consider Among the Different Types of Virtual Assistants

The next step is deciding on the type of virtual assistant you and your business might need. There are many different types of virtual assistants to choose from, and there are possibly too many groups of vendors.

The pool contains both low-skilled workers and highly skilled workers. Low-skilled vendors are primarily back-office workers who assume clerical tasks. In contrast, higher-level work applies to niche tasks such as graphic design or software development.

Notwithstanding, below are the top ten virtual assistant types that are in high demand. You could have one or two of them in your office (albeit virtually).

1 Virtual Personal Assistant

One of the most popular vendors is a personal assistant. This person can provide the same help as an onsite worker besides bringing you a cup of tea or coffee.

They can handle tasks such as email management, managing calls and calendars, and making travel arrangements or event management. Such a person can keep you organized while you avoid the cost of hiring an onsite personal assistant.

2 Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant

These workers handle your daily finances remotely. The remote bookkeeping assistant is responsible for bookkeeping concerning accounts payable, receivable, and overall ledger matters. They also offer clerical support.

3 Virtual Customer Service Assistant

A remote customer-service assistant, or customer-care assistant, acts as the first point of contact between the customer and the business. They can deal with inquiries, complaints, and suggestions.

These assistants are essential for eCommerce businesses. They can enhance the buying process, which can increase your sales.

4 Data-entry Virtual Assistant

A data entry virtual assistant will handle the company’s data, conserving a database of all the stakeholders’ and clients’ details.

Additionally, the data-entry assistant will complete offline and online data–entry tasks. Also, they will store information in a format that the business requires.

5 Virtual research assistant

A virtual research assistant performs research duties using the Internet. In the private sector, one of their tasks is conducting market research on a particular industry. Additionally, they can amass a database of noteworthy information.

6 Virtual HR Assistant

A virtual HR assistant assists with projects, strategies, workshops, and activities that motivate the workforce based on the business goals. Remote assistants can also help with worker questions in the human resource department.

These vendors can also handle payroll tasks, collecting and storing information to determine each company employee’s work cycle.

Seven eCommerce Virtual Assistant

An eCommerce virtual assistant can assist online businesses with setting up an eCommerce store, managing products, writing copy, digital marketing, and providing customer service.

This means a smoother-running online business with fewer bottlenecks that harm your customer experience. Better quality of digital marketing that is more tailored to your marketing. You will see an increase in sales when a good eCommerce virtual assistant is part of your team.

8 Social Media Virtual Assistant

These assistants handle your social media for you, freeing up much of your time, which you can spend better elsewhere. Moreover, an assistant skilled in social media will handle various social media accounts and manage the scheduling and social media calendar.

A social media remote assistant can also identify and interact with your target market. These vendors can assist with marketing, and they can help your clients.

9 Web Design and Development

Want to refresh your website and make it rank higher? Then, it would help if you had some web design and development.

These specialist vendors can work on the site layout, visual appearance, and usability of a business website. The web developer constructs and preserves the fundamental structure of a site.

10 Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

A graphic design VA assistant can bring life to your social media accounts, website, or product labels.

Regardless of the project, they can create images for numerous print uses.

Hiring Your Virtual Assistant

Consider bringing a virtual assistant into your business to rebalance your work/life situation. Decide which tasks you want to be covered, then speak to an outsourcing expert and take advice. 

Such an expert will be able to provide you with solid information, allowing you to make an informed decision. This will help you select the most applicable virtual assistant of all the available types. 

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