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What Are The Best Ways To Use A Virtual Assistant?

The last few years have seen an unprecedented rise in the availability of virtual assistants (VAs) who can help streamline your business operations. If you’re considering working with one, here are some common scenarios in which VAs are most effective and also the best ways to make use of these helpful consultants:

Online bookkeeping

When you use a virtual assistant, you don’t have to worry about paying someone to do your bookkeeping. A VA can help with bookkeeping and taxes—saving time and money in the long run.

Online bookkeeping is a great way of saving time and money. VAs are trained in all aspects of bookkeeping, from entering transactions into accounting software like QuickBooks Pro or Xero, to compiling financial statements for clients or preparing payroll for companies. They can also help manage checkbooks or process expense reports for businesses that need these services on an ongoing basis — another excellent way for small businesses looking for reliable support without hiring full-time employees.

Financial reporting

Financial reporting is a critical part of running any business. It helps you understand your company’s health, its impact on the world around it, and where you can improve.

Financial reporting is more than simply looking at your balance sheet and income statement—it’s about understanding what those numbers mean and how they affect your bottom line. Financial reporting provides insight into:

  • Where your money comes from—and where it goes
  • How much revenue was generated by each product or service offered by the business
  • The profitability of each product or service provided by the business


Marketing is a large part of running a business. It can be expensive and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be repetitive or boring. Using a virtual assistant for marketing tasks can save time and money by outsourcing the more tedious parts of your marketing efforts.

You may already know that VAs are great at aspects such as social media scheduling and email response times (see above), but what about those other tasks? Here are some ideas:

  • Conducting keyword research to help with SEO optimization
  • Creating content calendars based on your goals and audience preferences
  • Updating landing pages according to seasonal promotions (e.g., holiday sales)

Calendar management

You can’t be in two places at once, so it helps to use a virtual assistant to help you stay focused on what matters most. Online assistants can also help you scale up your business by taking over mundane tasks that would otherwise swallow too much time. The assistant will allow you to focus on what really matters: growing your business. Finally, using a virtual assistant can save you time and money, which is always good!

Data entry

When you’re getting started with a VA, one of the best ways of using them is for data entry. Data entry can be repetitive and tedious work that your virtual assistant can take off your plate.

It’s essential to have a system in place before you start delegating this task to your VA. You need to decide on the formatting standards required for the data, and how long it will take the assistant to complete each task. A good method is to create a template with fields that correspond with certain information (like name, address, and phone number). You can then fill in all of the blanks as an example for your virtual assistant. Once you’ve done this, make sure everyone involved knows how long each task should take so it doesn’t get slowed down by confusion on who needs what information first or second.

If correctly applied, outsourcing tasks such as data entry can save valuable time while helping reduce stress at work, leaving more room on our plates for other things like brainstorming new ideas!

Blog management

Blogging is a great way of building your brand and driving traffic to your website. However, it can be time-consuming and challenging to manage. You must research content ideas, write your posts, and promote them on social media. A virtual assistant can help you create, manage, and publish blog posts without having any experience in this field. Not only will the assistant create high-quality content for your website, but they can also help you find relevant content for your blog by doing keyword research or scraping data from other sites.

Ecommerce order fulfillment and shipping

Order fulfillment and shipping is a sensible places to start. If you’re selling products online, having a VA help with this task will save you time and money. This is because a VA can accomplish tasks that would otherwise eat up your day, like printing labels, packing shipments, and tracking packages.

Your VA should be highly organized if they are going to be handling order fulfillment for you. If they aren’t already organized themselves, their first job will be helping you get your business into shape so that it becomes easier for them to process orders quickly and accurately.

You might have some concerns about trusting someone else with your finances or private information. Aristo Sourcing has won awards internationally for its quality of work, making it safe for you to trust them. There are certain protections in place that make agencies more secure than working with someone directly over the internet. Hiring directly can be tricky, especially if you are not good at either hiring or managing people. 

Drafting proposals and generating invoices

The process of preparing proposals and generating invoices is a great candidate for virtual assistance. You can use your virtual assistant to handle this task without hiring anyone permanent; or you can use the virtual assistant to compliment an employee, dividing duties between the two of them.

Your VA must be familiar with the steps involved in creating proposals and how to have such approved by specific clients. The quality of their work will vary depending on how much time they spend researching each project before sending it off in final form. It’s also vital that they understand the kind of information required for all the various proposals. All information must be included, while nothing unnecessary is added (which could result in delays).

You’ll need to keep track of everything from start dates through deadlines and review periods; if any changes occur during this process (such as an extension), make sure your VA takes note immediately!

VAs can help you stay focused on what matters most to your business

You have probably heard that it’s important to stay focused at work. If you’re like most small-business owners, it probably feels impossible when you have so much to do. VAs are great because they allow you to focus on the big-picture goals for your business, letting them handle the day-to-day tasks that keep it running smoothly. And by saving time and energy in this way, VAs give you more time for strategic thinking about how best to grow a business or improve systems and processes within an existing company.

The bottom line

With so many other chores to do and keep track of, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters. That’s why having a virtual assistant is so helpful—they can take over some of your more mundane tasks so you can focus on what really matters: growing your business all by using your virtual assistant in the best ways possible.

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