Uses For Businesses That Hire a Virtual Marketing Assistant

A virtual marketing assistant (VMA) is a remote worker hired to offer project-managing support. The virtual marketing assistant is a direct administrative helper for a business marketing department or the marketing manager.

From large international corporations to small businesses, marketing is vital for business growth. The focus has moved from marketing practice, including the theory of the 4 Ps (price, product, promotion, and place), to the marketing concept. 

With a marketing concept, the client is the focus. The product and service are developed to speak to the client rather than finding a client to buy what was created. This results in a competitive advantage over the company’s other brands that apply this marketing approach.

Many companies, such as Coca-Cola, innovated and started offering new products based on what consumers were asking for, such as healthier drinks. 

What is the primary purpose of marketing?

Marketing is also not passive. Instead, many marketers will echo that the marketing space is highly dynamic, especially for companies trading within the red ocean.

The term red ocean refers to a room filled with competition, all competitors attempting to secure the same market. Those who can innovate will push themselves out of the Red Sea into the Blue Sea – a space free of competition. The company can focus on offering the best customer service, leading to even more sales.

Hire a virtual marketing assistant. 

Nonetheless, you cannot reach that space if you are overwhelmed with time-consuming tasks. Many businesses outsource tedious administrative tasks to a virtual assistant to be more agile.

This allows the marketing manager or business owner to focus more on strategic thinking. They can focus on building new markets and revenues for the company.

What does a marketing virtual assistant do?

In short, a marketing virtual assistant or marketing VA manages various branding-related promotional tasks.

These tasks include drafting copy for social media calendars and keying in digital marketing, all geared towards your brand engaging actively with your clients. 

Your assistant can also help manage the customer information database, known as customer relationship management (CRM).

The VA can add data, update data, and remove outdated info to help keep the database up to date. Marketers know that a robust database means more effective email marketing efforts, such as newsletters, mainly if the market is segmented. The problem with this type of management is that it is a detailed and laborious task. It’s ideal for a VA to deal with and resolve this aspect for you.

A marketing aide can also help with keyword research for SEO and writing blogs people want to read. Using the right keywords can help you with Google’s algorithm search. 

Your goal is to achieve the top-ranking level. Take the first page alone: the first five (organic) search results account for 67.60% of all clicks, whereas the levels from 6 down to 10 account for only 3.73% of all searches.

The top three places differ dramatically in value. Research studies have shown that the first slot equals 71.33% of all organic clicks.

The second position gains 5.59% of the organic clicks. Having your SEO optimized and up to date is essential if you want potential clients to find you. 

You could boost your ranking through PPC campaigns. However, these are short-lived. Once the campaign has ended, your orders will return to the previous levels.

Maintaining such raised levels would mean a large marketing budget for paid ads.

What makes a good marketing assistant?

A good marketing aide is someone who is an all-rounder. That is someone who can handle different types of tasks, from drafting copy to assisting with planning events and engaging well with your clientele.

What are the benefits of hiring a virtual marketing assistant?

If you plan to hire a virtual marketing assistant, there is, naturally, a financial benefit over hiring an on-site employee. Businesses do not need to outlay costs for setting up a workspace, having a large office, or paying as much on monthly salaries.

Other benefits of hiring virtual marketing assistants include increased team productivity, optimal use of skilled workers, and adding much-needed skills to your marketing.

These skills can be specialized − SEO best practices, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising on Facebook, Google, and Bling, and helping with lead generation. 

A virtual assistant can also manage your social media channels. In this digitalized world, social media marketing is used.

In this way, a marketer can reach their targeted audience directly, either through organic or paid channels, and use analytics to measure the success of their interventions. This means that the ROI can effectively be measured. 

Thus, marketing can become a resource for growth and revenue rather than solely an expense. A VA can be a vital part of your digital marketing strategy. 

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