How to Use a Realty Assistant to Drive Growth

Last Updated on September 13, 2023

If you are a real estate agent closing two deals per month, you may be managing perfectly well. The problem starts when you scale up and drive more sales. Problems can then emerge, which could hamper your success. You might want to earn a degree so as to increase your income by 5%. Here again, time can be problematic − you will need to juggle the various aspects of your life. Simply put, there is no better time to take on board a realty assistant to help you cope. You need a realty assistant.

However, where to start can be daunting, if not confusing. Firstly, you need to become used to terms such as virtual and virtual assistant. This article sets out to help you through the process and to show you how easy it can be. We explain the benefits you can gain from opting for this process. First, let us demystify what we mean by a real estate virtual assistant, also known as a virtual assistant for realtors.  

What is a realty assistant that works remotely? 

Briefly, to answer – what is a virtual assistant (VA) in real estate – a real estate virtual assistant or real estate VA is someone who works remotely and is focused on assisting with the property sector. Their workplace can be anywhere in the world, yet they are dedicated to undertaking tasks for you and your business. They are, in fact, your right-hand person and will help you with all the time-consuming work that distracts you from your core work. A real estate VA can be of exceptional value for you, especially if your goal is to make more money and upscale your business quickly and cost-effectively.

What is the work of a real estate virtual assistant?

As your right hand manages your time-consuming tasks, a virtual assistant will be responsible for setting up appointments, following up on confirmations, and generally managing the real estate calendar. Also, your dedicated VA will help with data entry and other tasks, such as social media management and copywriting or lead generation.  

What are the benefits of hiring an online realty assistant?

In business, the key word is growth – more customers, more money, and much more time to complete everything on your long list. This is where you need to upscale and hire staff. However, when you employ on-site personnel, you may have to finance their office space and set-up and meet out extra funding such as paid leave and days off. However, virtual assistant costs less – not that they command a lower salary, but because they work more effectively with time and thus with your money.

Also, adding an aide to help you can free you up – and time is the true luxury. Many business owners and real estate agents know their work has negatively affected their private lives. A divorce might be good for a real estate agent − those impressive properties come onto the market when the separating couple is eager to sell. However, if your own marriage is threatened by overworking, this can cause devastating consequences to your self-esteem and overall wellness. Therefore, getting the balance right is essential for your health, happiness, and quality of life.

A VA is also one of the secrets of many million-dollar estate agents. Clever business people know that using a VA can help them cope with many more diverse aspects of their own life. They can offer excellent customer service and have incredible wealth to tap into.

Which tasks should you assign to a real estate VA?

Firstly, don’t hire a virtual assistant only because you think you need one – you ought to have identified the tasks you need a VA to complete. You will then reap the benefit and save money in the long run. A VA can help with any tasks, from content production to lead generation. However, again, knowing what you want is the key. The agency can search for a VA with all the required skills. For instance, the most frequently demanded tasks are:


Marketing is a cornerstone of any real estate business. Here the assistant can help with researching content ideas, SEO updates, scheduling blog posts and social media content, sending out newsletters, seeing to print assets, setting up buyers’ packets and presentations, and tracking the analytics.

Administrative tasks 

Basically, all the time-consuming admin tasks keep you away from your potential buyers and in front of the PC screen. These tasks include data entry, basic bookkeeping, and sales and performance reports. There is also a recording of meetings, managing the calendar and email inbox, and arranging appointments. 

What are the best practices when hiring a virtual realty assistant?

You need to have a clear grasp of what you want – your expectations are then expressed. The agency can thereafter source you someone to meet all your requirements. Knowing what you want can save you money – for instance, it might be that you are only looking for a part-time assistant and therefore a full-time assistant would be a waste of money. Also, it might be that you require additional or specialized skills such as SEO optimization – therefore hiring someone without those skills can cost you dearly. Therefore consider very carefully what your own needs are; then let the agency guide you through the process.

You also need to have open communication with your assistant, as this will encourage a relationship of trust. Trust is not something you will automatically start with − it is a process – therefore it takes time to develop. If you experience any problems, speak to your agency. If you have opted to hire directly, the onus is always on you to resolve any issues. Either way, make sure you have a proper contract that sets out the expectations of both parties. This will also add some legal protection for yourself and your agency. It also means that your data can be protected by placing clauses within your contractual agreement. This way your business secrets are not leaked to your competitors.

Just remember when you hire a remote realty assistant, you can boost your income. However, know what you are looking for, the skills that you require, the amount of time they need to do their tasks, and do not cut corners – rather protect yourself and your business by going through a respected agency like Aristo Sourcing.

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