Types of Virtual Assistants: What is a Tech VA?

There are different types of virtual assistants helping entrepreneurs with various tasks. One of these virtual assistants is a virtual tech assistant. A virtual tech assistant is a self-employed professional who provides technical support, designs websites, and creates online content for clients. They are usually self-employed and manage their businesses.

What is a tech virtual assistant? 

A tech virtual assistant (VA) is a tech-savvy professional who provides technical support, designs websites, and creates online content for clients. They are usually self-employed and manage their businesses.

Clients can contact them to help with a specific task, such as creating a website or social media campaign.

Duties of a tech virtual assistant

In general, the responsibilities of a Tech VA will include the following:

  • Setting up new devices and software for clients.

  • Troubleshooting computer issues for clients.

  • Building websites and managing online marketing campaigns.

  • Helping clients with tech-related projects like writing code or creating graphics.

The benefits of hiring a tech virtual assistant 

A tech virtual assistant helps clients with all kinds of technology, including hardware and software. Some of the services they might provide include the following:

  • Updating or installing an operating system.

  • Troubleshooting a computer problem by checking it over for viruses or malware.

  • Installing new software on a computer or device, like an internet browser, printer driver, or antivirus program.

  • Managing social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram is a significant part of what a tech VA does.

The benefits of managing your business’s social media include:

  • Increased brand awareness. You can share content about your products or services that will help you reach new customers.

  • They have improved customer service and support. Your customers can get answers to their questions quickly from someone in your company who understands the product or service they’re interested in purchasing from you.

  • Faster response times for customer inquiries about products or services that are available for sale on your website (if applicable). Customers who have questions about an item may email their questions directly to the person handling the social media accounts instead of waiting until someone from customer service has time to call them back—and sometimes, they won’t even wait!

Can a tech virtual assistant write blogs and articles?

The answer is yes! Blogging is an excellent skill for a virtual assistant because it can be used in many different ways. You want your virtual assistant to be able to write blog posts, articles, and other forms of content that are interesting, entertaining, and engaging. Moreover, they will use their skills in technology to write authoritative pieces that will help your website rank better, enhancing your website’s SEO. 

Your VA should also be able to change their tone or style depending on the audience they are writing for. You wouldn’t want them using the same voice with clients as with friends or family members online.

When it comes to SEO-friendly content, there’s no doubt that Google has changed the game when it comes to SEO copywriting. Your virtual assistant should be able to provide quality content while also keeping things optimized for search engines like Google (and Bing).

Can a tech virtual assistant help with website design and maintenance? 

The answer is yes! 

To get started, you will need an idea of what you want your site to look like. Maybe it’s a simple one-page business card with an email address for contact information. If so, this virtual assistant can help build that website for you in no time. Or maybe you have more complex needs for a fully functional eCommerce site or online store. The tech virtual assistant can also handle the development of these sites, including shopping carts, payment gateways, and other integrations necessary to make them work properly.

You might be wondering why not just hire a developer. Well, there are several reasons why hiring someone who has experience setting up websites is better than doing it yourself:

  • You don’t have time on your hands to learn how to do it yourself;

  • Also, you don’t know what tools are out there or which ones will work best for your business objectives;

  • You don’t have access to different kinds of resources such as hosting solutions or domain names, etc.;

Can a tech VA help with your search engine optimization (SEO)?

Yes! Search engine optimization (SEO) is ensuring your website shows up higher in search results. If you have a specific service or product, then it’s vital that people can find you online.

If you want to hire a virtual assistant who can help with SEO, make sure they have experience with SEO: look at their portfolio and see what they’ve done before. It’s also helpful if they know how to create content that will be useful for users and search engines alike—for example, someone who knows how to create blog posts or social media posts may be able to offer more value than someone who knows how to optimize existing pages but doesn’t understand what makes them desirable or shareable.

The benefits of hiring someone else for this type of work include saving time because there will be less effort required from your team members who would otherwise handle these responsibilities themselves; having an expert on staff could also lead them into other areas related to that, such as making videos about products or services offered by your company which would provide additional exposure or traffic leading back towards “home base” – who knows where these connections might lead?

Other tasks a tech virtual assistant can manage for you! 

Copywriting services such as email campaigns and newsletters

Firstly, copywriting services, such as email campaigns and newsletters, are an excellent option for tech companies with long-form content that must be written regularly. A copywriter will work with you to create compelling sales copy for your business, including emails that engage customers and website pages that encourage visitors to take action. Copywriters can also help plan and execute social media posts or ads on platforms like Facebook and Google Ads.

While many people think copywriting is just writing (true), it’s also an essential part of marketing campaigns because it makes customers want to read more about the product or service.

Formatting documents and presentations

Firstly, formatting documents and presentations is common for tech virtual assistants. Moreover, formatting a document or presentation means ensuring the font, text size, etc., is correct. This is done using word processing software like Microsoft Word or presentation software like PowerPoint to create the final product.

Computer tutoring, training, and support

Virtual assistants who work in this area can provide computer training and support and help with software. They can also troubleshoot computer issues and provide general tech support. This might be the right fit if you’re looking for someone to help you with your computer.

Software installation and troubleshooting for both PC and Mac computers

  • Installing software

  • Troubleshooting software and drivers

  • Installing printers and drivers

  • Troubleshooting printer problems

  • Installing monitors and drivers

  • Troubleshooting monitor problems

  • Installing speakers, microphones, webcams, headphones, etc.

The bottom line about different virtual assistant types is hiring a great tech VA.

Understanding who a tech virtual assistant is and what they do will help you hire one that can fulfill your business’s needs.

You should know what they do if you are looking for a tech virtual assistant. As such, if you’re looking for a tech virtual assistant, we hope this article has given you a better understanding of what they do. Book a free call if you want to learn more about our company. We are here to help you scale your business with great virtual assistants. 

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