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Superman’s Drive – Do You Have It?

At times, you need to focus on the little things. Small details often bring out huge life lessons worth learning. Think about a tiny ant carrying his food parcel double his size, to the nest. It is hot, and the sun is relentless; however, this ant is undisturbed, steadfastly carrying out his task. This ant is truly motivated. There is a lesson we can learn from a tiny ant. As an entrepreneur would know, at times you lose some business, and the future may seem disastrous; however, with the right motivation, you can most certainly empower yourself to keep going until you reach your goal. But do you have it? 

Superhero – Christopher Reeves

Christopher Reeves, who played Superman, used his strength to fight injustice. But in the real world, life changed the day he fell off a horse during an equestrian competition in Virginia. This event left him paralyzed from the neck down. Still, he did not feel sorry for himself – instead, he limited his tears to the early mornings, thereafter simply getting on with life.

Christopher said, “In the morning, I need twenty minutes to cry. To wake up and make that shift, you know, and to just say, ‘This really sucks’…to really allow yourself the feeling of loss…still needs to be acknowledged.” Then he would say, “And now, forward!”

And now, forward! 

Christopher was wheelchair-bound. He operated his wheelchair by blowing and sipping on a straw. However, he became a brand ambassador for quadriplegics as he traveled the country to speak at events, raised funds for medical research, and still directed movies. The point is that he did not let his disablement hinder him – just like the ant, he kept going. A real inspiration – from whom we can all learn some lessons. Christopher’s goal was to not be a victim of misfortune. Now, what is your goal? Your example could be an inspiration to others, whether to be influential in your industry or to achieve a debt-free status. Regardless of your motivation, do not lose sight of it when you find yourself in some dark hours. There are numerous ways to ensure that you remain invigorated and interested.

Do you have it? Consider these:

Stay motivated

Listen to or read inspirational interviews or stories such as on podcasts. There you will learn about other people who have overcome enormous impediments before accomplishing worthwhile goals.

Set the correct goals

Goal-setting aids you in generating a roadmap of where you want to go. However, selecting the correct goals can make a massive difference between provisional and long-lasting motivation. Do not just limit your goal to this year only. Go further and ask yourself − what is this all for? What is my eventual purpose? Why is it so critically significant that I realize this goal?

Set your goals with rewards

When you accomplish a goal, how will you reward yourself? Select rewards as you set your goals. Then attach these rewards to your goals. If you allow yourself appropriate and regular rewards, this will help to boost your energy levels. You will also gain the momentum to work towards forthcoming milestones.

Your reward need not be a lavish vacation – rather, you can set yourself the reward of a treat, such as lunch with friends, or a night out. Larger rewards could include taking a day off for a round of golf. However, keep the rewards regular, as you make your milestones. This will help you to remain energized and to feel renewed.

Keep in mind − a successful company is not just about strategy – it is also about your mental attitude. You should also be aware that setbacks will happen. These are part of life. Just look at bestselling author John Grisham − his first book A Time to Kill was turned down by 12 publishing houses and 16 agents before it was accepted by Island Books.

Here are some ideas about success that warrant serious consideration:

Success doesn’t come easy

 If success were in fact easy, every Tom, Dick, and Harry would attain success.

Success can come with a price tag

Obstacles, regrets, knockouts, and blows are all part of the path to success; therefore do expect some obstacles. Whoever decides to climb Mount Everest and then believes that the climb to the top will be a breeze? Nonetheless, many entrepreneurs respond to business setbacks with disbelief and negative reactions. Recall that your responses will at all times be based on your expectations. Therefore, if doubts and misgivings enter your mind you should alter your expectations. Vince Lombardi famously said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up” … so expect that knockdowns will happen!

Success should be your focus

It is easy to fixate over the “problem-of-the-day”, nonetheless that will only drag you into the ghastly quagmire of self-pity, discouragement, and anxiety. If you focus on your problems, the effect is that they will immobilize you. Rather focus on the prize. Nevertheless, here’s the thing − you should truly want that prize! More so, if you discover that concentrating on your most important goal isn’t serving you, push through the agony, and at the same time re-thinking your goal. You might need to adjust your prize to something else that will assist you to surmount today’s stumbling block.

Successful folks never did it unaided

The concept of a self-made millionaire is a myth. Such success is never achieved alone. Every CEO, celebrity, or even professional athlete has had someone who has helped them, from a trainer to a virtual personal assistant. If you believe the fable that folks are self-made successes, maybe that is the biggest boulder in your path.

Victory comes when you take clear action. You need to build a solid support team to help you with your endeavors, and also to cheer you on. Christopher Reeve also said, “I refuse to allow a disability to determine how I live my life. I don’t mean to be reckless, but setting a goal that seems a bit daunting actually is very helpful toward recovery.”

Do you have it – Final note

So, what is your disabling barrier to success this year?

  • Is it inadequate resources?
  • Or restricted time?
  • Restricted knowledge?
  • Incomplete support, or maybe it is limiting beliefs?
  • What then is your plan to do overcome this?

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