Sales Strategy: 7 Top Reasons to Use Facebook in Your Strategy

Social media is a great way to build your brand and reach a broader audience. You can do this by creating a community of fans who will support your marketing efforts, but it’s also essential to remember that social media can be used as a sales tool. Here are seven ways that integrating Facebook into your sales strategy can help you close more deals:

1. Reach a broader audience

Your audience is more likely to be on Facebook than any other social media platform, which means you can reach them more easily. Plus, you can target your ad at specific demographics by age, gender, and location – making it easier to target the right people with your content and ads.

2. Make your brand known

Facebook is a great way to increase your brand awareness. It has over 1 billion active users and is the world’s second most popular social network. If you want to get more visibility for your business, Facebook ads can help you do that. You can also share content on Facebook and promote your products or services through this platform.

Facebook’s vast audience has over 1 billion monthly active users (MAUs). Many people use their platform daily, making it ideal for businesses looking to reach new customers or grow their customer base by creating brand awareness in this market space.

3. Support your SEO efforts

Facebook can help you reach more people and get more likes, shares, comments, clicks, and engagement on your content. These help boost your website’s organic ranking in search engines like Google.

A study by Hubspot found that Facebook drives organic traffic to websites at a rate three times higher than Twitter or LinkedIn. According to Moz’s research, social media sites send 1 in 10 visitors to business websites globally.

4. Create a community of fans

One of the most important things you can do to build your brand is to create a community of fans. Your customers will be more likely to purchase from you again and recommend your products or services because they feel they are part of something special.

But how do you turn strangers into loyal fans? You need to engage with them frequently, ensure their needs are met, and incentivize them to continue their relationship with your company.

Facebook engagement is one way that companies can build communities of fans by creating an environment where people feel comfortable sharing their opinions about the brand (good or bad). This information provides valuable feedback on what’s working well in the customer experience and where there may be room for improvement.

Once a firm base has been established through engagement opportunities such as contests or promotions, it’s time for marketers to look beyond social media platforms like Facebook that large host audiences but aren’t necessarily targeted toward one segmented audience alone.

5. Win over new prospects

The best way to win over new prospects is by having an active presence on social media, especially Facebook. Remote Facebook assistants can help to manage this presence. 

Facebook offers a variety of tools for you to use in your business, including ads and Messenger. Ads allow you to target specific demographics and reach people who have shown interest in products or services similar to your own. If you’re using Facebook ads correctly, they can be highly effective at generating leads. In addition, you can use Messenger to contact people who have liked pages related to yours—they may not be fans yet but could become customers if given the right opportunity! Lastly (and perhaps most importantly), Facebook Live videos provide an excellent way for consumers, prospects, customers, clients, potential clients, and more! 

6. Collect information about the competition

Facebook is a great place to collect information about your competitors. For example, you can track their brand awareness and sales. You can also learn how they market their products, services, and prices.

Facebook offers several ways of collecting this valuable intel:

Facebook Insights

This tool lets you see your audience’s demographics and track metrics like impressions, engagement rate (the percentage of people who visit a page), and reach (the number of unique people seeing each post).

Ads Manager

The ad manager allows users to manually create ads with target audiences based on location, age range, and interests, among other factors; it also enables users to run ads based on an advertiser’s objectives, such as driving website traffic or sending mobile app installs.

7. Increase sales

Facebook can help you increase sales by allowing you to target your audience with ads and then track the results. Facebook allows you to create an ad campaign, a series of advertisements on Facebook, and other properties, like Instagram. In addition, there are different ways to reach people:

  • You can pay for your ad through a bidding system where you set a maximum bid for each impression (view) and let Facebook determine which ads get shown based on that information. Facebook decides this based on the targeting criteria and how many people have seen the ad before it’s served again; if no one has seen it in a while or if fewer people are viewing it compared with other ads competing for their attention, then your budget will go farther toward showing it again at higher rates within those targeted groups of users who may be interested in what they see. This method works well if there isn’t enough information available about each user because we don’t always know exactly what interests them before they see an advertisement—but when we do know something about them beforehand (like whether they like cats!), then bidding can get expensive fast since every impression counts toward maximizing reach even further!

  • You can also pay per click (CPC) when someone clicks on one of these Facebook ads instead of just seeing them pass by without reading anything.”

These are ways that you can benefit from Facebook within your sales strategy

Here are some ways you can help from Facebook within your sales strategy:

Reach a broader audience

Facebook is the second most popular social network globally and has over 1 billion users. This means you have access to a vast audience, which can be extremely helpful when reaching new customers or gaining brand recognition.

Make your brand known.

The main goal of any business should be to make its name known, and there’s no better way of doing this than through social media marketing campaigns on platforms like Facebook that allow users to connect based on their interests or hobbies (and create interest groups around similar topics). By creating content related to these interests, businesses can get their name out there while providing helpful information for potential clients who may not even know they exist yet – so this strategy helps both parties win!


I hope this article has given you some ideas on integrating Facebook into your sales strategy. There are so many benefits of using Facebook that it can be hard to know where to start, but once you do, you’ll see how much easier it is than traditional marketing tactics. Social media allows us to reach out to our audience and create personal connections with them—something print ads or TV commercials can never do!

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