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Take Your Marketing to the Next Level (with a VA)

Marketing is an essential aspect of attracting more consumers to your brand with the aim of converting them to customers and to increase demand for your products. In promoting the brand to more audiences to expand the reach of the message, marketing is key; there must be sufficient leads the sales team can have access to pitch to. However, there are various types of virtual assistants. And when we talk about marketing, there are certain virtual assistants to consider. The virtual assistants you should therefore consider are a virtual marketing assistant, a virtual digital marketing assistant, a Facebook Media Buyer, a virtual research assistant, but also marketers such as social media VAs and Pinterest VAs.


Why is marketing fundamental for businesses? 

What marketing does is to get a message into the heads of the customer. It seeks to respond to what these customers want.  More than just exposure through advertising, one of the best objectives is to make an impact. Therefore, once the consumer trust the brand, this is the best time to reach them. However, is there more to marketing than simply pushing a product down the throat of a consumer? In fact, marketing deals with consumers differently, based on where they are located in the marketing funnel, but also the goals of the promotion or marketing strategy. As such, marketing has several important tasks to complete.

To engage with consumers

Engagement with your clients is a fundamental part of marketing. Here marketing can be utilized to maintain a good flow of conversation, and this creates positive public relations between your brand and the consumers. 

However, this form of communication isn’t only there to push for closing a sale. Rather, engagement is a means of providing potential clients with valuable information regarding your product, and your business. In the process, new content should be created, showing what is released to the target audience. A useful channel is social media platforms. There you can share videos, comments, photos, and even memes, to tell your consumers your story. In this way, you will craft a sense of belonging with your audience.

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The virtual social media assistant

When it comes to engagement, a social media assistant can help to spread your story. They can post fresh and creative content, engage with the consumer, and slowly take the consumer on a journey to make them familiar with the brand and to bring them into your community. More so, the most popular marketing channels are social media, email, website, and search engine optimization for attracting internet traffic from Google or Bing.

Using data to make the right moves

Posting new content isn’t the only thing – you need to analyze the data and gauge what is working and what is not. You can then analyze various marketing efforts, and measure impressions, site visits, but also conversions. With the data in hand, better decisions can be made. Moreover, you can see which posts you should have moved off and which are not worth repeating. In addition, you can decide which channels are working for you, and which are not. Therefore if you are getting the sales, exposure, and marketing strategy objectives.

The virtual research assistant

Here the research assistant who has skills with analytics can be used to unpack your data for you. They will be using social media listening tools, and other tracking software, to measure the impact of the marketing efforts. This data can then be shared among the marketing team to build better marketing campaigns.

Remain relevant and build stronger relationships with your partners 

If you are a B2B business, then having strong relationships with your partners is ideal. Having such a connection means that you can benefit mutually in a different market segment, gain more exposure, running fun marketing campaigns such as competitions. Moreover, it is key to building relationships that trust is developed between you and your partners. The same can also apply to B2C businesses; however, here it is important to stay relevant. The reason for this is to help you retain clients, although we call them customers, − it is easier to gain a sale from a regular client than from a new client you need to search for. The research can be used to enhance the advertising templatem and can indicate if an infographic, vector, poster, and other marketing tactics were effective.

Virtual marketing assistant

A marketing assistant title can be a bit misleading since these people also act as marketing managers. Nonetheless, they can be in charge of building relationships and maintaining these with your partners; also with your clients. This will mean regular engagement with the various stakeholders, ensuring that their needs are taken care of. A marketing manager can use numerous communication tools to keep the bond going. These can include software to identify which client made use of your service more than 60 days ago. You can then reach out with special offers via an email campaign to entice them back.

Money also works – especially paid ads

By making use of paid ads, you can gain a new market. The important thing with marketing is to keep expanding your net so you have more clients, and the business can grow. The research gathered can also be used to ensure that the right persons are targeted. It is a waste of money if the ad spend is directed to campaigns that do not reach your target audience or are not on the same platform as your audience.

Facebook Media Buyer

A Facebook media buyer is someone who takes care of your ad spending on various social media channels. Although this is mostly on Facebook, the buyer can also handle sites such as Google and Bing. Here a Facebook media seller will use their skills to target the right audience segment to gain maximum results.

The virtual digital marketing assistant

This type of virtual assistant is a combination of the various virtual assistants mentioned above. As such, this person is more of a generalist. You can visit this page to learn more about how a virtual digital marketing assistant can assist your business.

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