Research Assistant That Could Be Beneficial To Top Clients!

A research assistant (virtual) can be beneficial to many top clients. More so, there are many different types of companies that need researchers and assistants. The first thing to do is determine why they need this type of help and how it would best serve them.

Academic institutions

Academic institutions always search for new research, and a virtual research assistant can help. Since virtual research assistants are experts in finding specific information, they are ideal for assisting academic institutions in finding out about the latest research on a particular topic or subject. The type of research that educational institutions need will vary from institution to institution – a small liberal arts college might be looking for more general information about a topic. At the same time, a large state university might seek detailed information on a specific subject.

Consulting firms

Consulting firms have been around for a long time and are always looking for new clients. They need to know what the market is doing, what their competitors are doing, and current trends. Also, they want to provide their clients with information that helps them make better business decisions based on up-to-date research. Plus, hiring a research assistant is a cost-effective way to gather the needed info.

Market research companies

Another top client seeking the services of a research assistant is a market research company. Market research companies conduct market, opinion, and social research to make a profit. They use this data to help them create marketing, business, product, and investment decisions. Here, the marketing company would use the services of a research assistant to conduct social media or online surveys.

Law firms

Law firms need research to help with cases and can be used to help with the court process. Moreover, law firms use research to ensure that they have all of their bases covered to provide their clients with the best possible service. Clients expect the best from their lawyers, so they must ensure they have access to accurate information when required. A good researcher will find exactly what you want; more often than not, your case will succeed because of this resourceful individual.

Large and small business owners

Another group that can benefit from hiring a virtual research assistant is small and large business owners. The main reason is that business owners need research to understand the competition. This is particularly true for companies operating in a red ocean environment. Here, the red ocean refers to the work of Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne, who coined the terms red and blue sea. The competition is challenging regarding a red ocean, and all resources must be utilized to remain in the game. Failing would mean the failure of the business.

The bottom line

As you can see, many different types of clients need a virtual research assistant, and more so, these types of virtual assistants can offer businesses many benefits. If you are keen to take your business to the next level, you should consider hiring a research assistant to give you the edge. Speak to our outsourcing expert, who can advise you on the right path to take, and if a research assistant is the best option for your business. Book your appointment today – it’s a complimentary service offered by Aristo Sourcing.


What is a virtual research assistant?
A virtual research assistant (or virtual researcher) has the main responsibility to conduct online research as well as to produce reports on their research outcomes. Their duties could involve:

  • Developing research designs.
  • Collecting information through interviews or focus groups.
  • Analyzing literature reviews.
  • Supporting research projects.

Why should you hire a virtual research assistant?

A virtual research assistant can help reduce research costs, thereby saving you money. Additionally, a virtual assistant doing research in a detail-oriented and meticulous manner can provide accurate and organized data. This data can then be reused for your own work.

What type of research can a virtual research assistant do?

A virtual researcher can help with the following types of research:

Data mining

Here, virtual research can assist with building and updating a client database. With the use of search tools, the researcher will search the internet for relevant prospects that match your existing client base.

Background information

The researcher will gather the information if you want to learn more about a product or how the software works. They can also develop a FAQ section to assist in clarifying the functions, which is helpful if you want to add this sort of information to your website for your clients.

Market research

A virtual researcher can also help with online market research. Doing this can save an employer or senior staff member a lot of time and therefore is an intelligent use of resources. With the aid of market research tools, the virtual assistant can assist in mining the information you need, and there are different sorts of tools available depending on the application. For instance, software deals directly with brand analysis, audience research, competitor research, and product research. Using online tools is practical, and you can obtain reliable information faster.

Lead generation

Lead generation research is valuable in that you could gain data about your social media account followers based on their interests, location, age, and gender and adapt your lead-capturing efforts (ads, surveys, etc.) to the info collected. And with the use of lead generation tools like Lead Ads (Facebook lead generation), Lead Gen Forms (Linkedin lead generation), and other CRM tools, your virtual assistant can assist manage your leads and deliver the content needed to convert those leads into sales.

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