How to Hire a Paralegal: Your Complete Guide to VA Paralegals

In the current era of rapid progress and growing digitalization, the traditional model of hiring onsite paralegals is being replaced by the flexibility and convenience of virtual assistant paralegals. These remote professionals provide valuable support to attorneys and law firms while working from a location of their choice.

In this blog post, we will explore how to hire a paralegal by understanding what virtual paralegals do, their benefits, and how to determine the type of paralegal you need for your specific requirements.

What is a virtual paralegal, and what do they do?

A virtual paralegal, or virtual assistant paralegal, is a qualified legal professional who works remotely, providing administrative and legal support to attorneys, law firms, or legal departments.

Such professionals perform legal research, draft legal documents, manage case files, schedule appointments, and conduct client interviews.

Virtual paralegals typically have extensive legal experience and excellent organizational and communication skills.

Seven Benefits of Hiring a Remote Paralegal

2.1 Save time and do more billable work:

Delegating administrative tasks to a virtual paralegal frees attorneys up their time.

They can then focus on billable work, such as client consultations, court appearances, and case strategy.

This increased productivity directly contributes to the growth and success of a law practice.

2.2 Increase efficiency with a more specialized team:

Virtual paralegals often have diverse backgrounds and expertise in specific legal areas.

Law firms can enhance their efficiency and effectiveness when handling complex cases by hiring remote professionals with specialized knowledge.

2.3 Expand your team in a cost-friendly way:

Hiring a virtual assistant paralegal allows law firms to scale their team without additional office space, equipment, or employee benefits.

This cost-friendly approach benefits small or solo practices operating on limited budgets.

2.4 Pass on cost savings to your clients:

Reduced overhead costs associated with virtual paralegals can be passed on to clients through lower legal fees. This cost consequence can attract more clients and enhance client satisfaction. 

2.5 Increase your team’s flexibility with outsourced paralegals:

Virtual paralegals offer a flexible solution for law firms facing fluctuating workloads or temporary staff shortages.

Law firms can quickly scale their remote team up or down based on their needs, ensuring they have the necessary support during peak periods.

2.6 Experienced paralegals are great at legal research and law office administration:

Virtual paralegals are skilled at conducting legal research, drafting legal documents, and managing case files. Their expertise in law office administration streamlines operations and ensures compliance with legal requirements.

2.7 Most paralegals have specialized training in a legal practice area:

Many virtual paralegals have completed specialized training programs focusing on family law, corporate law, intellectual property, or criminal law.

This specialized knowledge can be valuable when handling cases within those practice areas.

Understand the different types of paralegals.

Paralegals can specialize in various areas of law, including litigation, corporate law, real estate, family law, intellectual property, and more.

Understanding the different types of paralegals and their expertise is crucial when determining the specific skills and qualifications you require.

Determine the type of paralegal you need

To determine the type of paralegal you need, consider the specific requirements of your law practice or legal department.

Assess the areas where you require support, and identify the expertise necessary to handle those tasks effectively.

This may involve conducting interviews or seeking recommendations from other legal professionals who have experience working with virtual paralegals.

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