How to Find & Hire an Online Travel Assistant for your Next Trip

Traveling is one of the most exciting and rewarding things you can do in your life. It’s also often stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. Luckily, there is a way of making traveling easier: by hiring an online travel assistant. While this might sound like an overly technical term for someone who simply helps you book flights and hotels, virtual travel assistants (VTAs) offer much more than just booking services. They can help with everything from packing lists to itineraries—all while providing personalized attention that makes your trips feel as though planned by a close friend or family member, rather than some faceless company.

Why Virtual Travel Assistants are a Great Option for your Next Trip

  • A virtual travel assistant can help you plan your next trip.
  • They are affordable and easy to find.
  • They will save you time, money, and stress!

When traveling abroad, especially for the first time, there’s so much to do before the trip begins: researching destinations and activities; finding the best deals on airfare and accommodation; coordinating with friends or family members about transportation from one place to another; and making sure passports are up to date. These are only some details that need attention! If all this sounds like a lot of work, hiring an experienced travel professional might be right for you.

How to Find a Virtual Travel Assistant

When you’re looking for a virtual assistant, there are several important factors to consider. The first is experience. You want someone who has worked with clients in the travel industry before and understands their needs. This will make things run smoother in the long run and save you time learning how to work with your assistant (and vice versa). A second factor is ratings and reviews: it helps if they have good reviews on sites like Aristo Sourcing. It is easy to set the assistance in motion. Just book a discovery call.  You should also look over availability, as well as price range; this will help ensure that your assistant can provide everything needed, while still remaining affordable for your budgeting purposes!

It’s Essential to Have a Written Contract With Your Virtual Travel Assistant

A contract is a legal document that outlines the specifics of your arrangement, including dates of service, payment terms, and expectations. The contract should be signed by both parties and reviewed by an attorney before being finalized. You should include a confidentiality agreement so that any private information shared by you or your VTA remains confidential at all times.

Don’t try to Micromanage your Virtual Travel Assistant

You don’t have to be an expert in everything. Let your virtual assistant do what they are good at, and focus on the things that you are good at. For example, if you need help with travel planning but aren’t the best planner, then let your VA plan some of the details for you, reviewing their suggestions before making any final decisions.

Consider Using an Online Project Management Tool

Using an online project management tool to manage your virtual travel assistant is a step towards ensuring that your assistant is doing their job and that you’re gaining the most from the time they spend working for you. Tools to consider are Trello, Basecamp, or Asana.

Once you find the right virtual travel assistant, you won’t want to plan another trip without one

A virtual travel assistant will save you time and money by handling all the little details that can easily get overlooked when planning a vacation. In fact, once most people have a virtual assistant at their disposal, they start throwing around phrases like “I trust my VA” or “my VA takes care of things so I don’t have to.” The truth is that VAs do take care of things so that their clients don’t have to—that’s why they’re called virtual assistants! It’s amazing how much time and energy can be saved by outsourcing tasks that might otherwise take hours out of your day. For example, if someone wants to go on vacation but doesn’t know where else to go besides Hawaii (or whether they should even go anywhere at all), a good VA can suggest places based on their preferences and budget constraints. A great VA will also look into flights (and whether those flights are actually direct), the hotels available near the chosen destinations, and other information related specifically to this particular trip.


Virtual travel assistants make planning a trip quicker and easier than ever before. They can help you find great deals on flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. By using our tips for finding and hiring the right virtual travel assistant for your next trip, you’ll be able to save time and money while ensuring a relaxing vacation experience.


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