How a Podcast Assistant can Improve Your Show

Podcasting has become one of the most popular forms of media worldwide. Podcasts are a fantastic way of sharing information, telling stories, and spreading ideas; however, podcasts can be difficult to manage if you’re new to this medium.

In fact, podcasting is so popular that there’s been an influx of new shows being released every day — creating a great deal of competition for your audience’s attention (and time). The solution? Hire a podcast or online assistant! Learn more about why you need a podcast assistant.

Why hire a podcast assistant?

First, podcast assistants can free up much of your time. You can then deal with other aspects of running a successful podcast.

 What can a podcast assistant do for you?

Administrative tasks:

Podcast assistants can help you with time-consuming administrative tasks related to your podcast, such as scheduling interviews and writing emails to invite guests to your show.

Technical tasks

Podcast assistants can help you with technical tasks that are either complex or tedious, for instance, finding and booking interviews for people who might want to be interviewed on your show.

Podcast assistants can also handle some of the more technical aspects of editing audio and video files. This could include such as transcribing them into text or recording their own audio from an interviewee’s phone call or video feed.

In this way, their work does not interfere with yours (they are probably back in their own studio).

Creative tasks

Podcast assistants can help you create new ideas for episodes and concepts for shows within a series (such as specific seasons within a larger umbrella).

They will also often contribute to brainstorming sessions about what is going into each episode itself—for example, choosing which stories would make good conversation starters between host(s) and guest(s).

Marketing tasks

Having someone else manage social media activities allows hosts to focus on talking directly with listeners. You will not have to stress about whether posts were sufficiently shared or the kind of response they received from potential audience members. Your assistant also frees up the hosts’ schedules, so they have time (what for?)

Key tasks for your virtual assistant

Write and publish your blog posts.

One of the most essential tasks a virtual assistant can perform for you as a podcaster is writing and publishing your blog posts from audio transcripts.

You can upload these blog posts directly to your website or social media accounts and submit them to podcast directories like iTunes, Stitcher, and more.

Take care of your social media.

Podcast assistants can also help save you a great deal of time by taking care of your social media posting for you. You don’t have to spend hours a day trying to find the right people to follow or engage with your audience on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Your podcast assistant can do all this for you, allowing you more time in your schedule to focus on other parts of the show, like researching upcoming topics or recording interviews.

Handle the research for you.

However, your assistant can handle the research for you, thus simplifying this part of producing an episode. In fact, one of the most time-consuming parts of producing a podcast is research.

It’s one thing to have an idea and a plan for your show. It is another thing entirely to actually create the content that will go on your show. You’ll need facts and figures about your topic and insightful interviews with experts in their fields.

Your assistant can help you with this process by doing all of the research for you. Such a person can take care of gathering information from multiple sources.

When it comes time to write or record an episode, you will already be prepared with all the facts needed to make compelling and informative content.

In fact, hiring an assistant might even allow you more time than ever before. The assistant can do much of the time-consuming work in producing podcasts: researching topics and sources, contacting people who know about those topics (and scheduling interviews), locating relevant images or videos online—the list goes on!

The benefit of hiring a podcast assistant for you

More time to focus on what really matters

When you streamline the process by which you obtain the tools, you need to create excellent episodes.

This brings you more time to focus on what really matters — creating the great content that makes your show special in the first place.

Put your energy to create great shows.

Whether it’s booking guests, planning interviews, or setting up equipment, your podcast assistant can take care of all of these tasks for you.

This allows you to direct your energy toward developing engaging conversations with guests and ensuring they produce outstanding material.

Fewer mistakes!

With a dedicated assistant working on your behalf, there are fewer opportunities for things to go wrong during production phases—and when they do occur (we’re human, after all), there will be someone around who knows exactly how to fix them quickly and efficiently.

Focus on the work, not the technical details.

You can let your assistant handle the technical details while you focus on providing the best show possible. Engaging a virtual assistant is an excellent way of saving time, especially when it comes to the technical details of podcasting.

An assistant can help you focus on providing an amazing show by handling the aspects you would rather not busy yourself with. You can leave it to your assistant to handle research, social media, and technical tasks like editing and encoding your audio files.

Virtual assistants are also great at organization: they can organize your notes and research materials so that these are easy for you (or another person working with you on the show, such as a producer) to access during recording sessions.

Be organized

A podcast virtual assistant can help organize every aspect of your podcast before, during, and after publishing episodes. This includes:

  • Before publishing episodes, the podcast virtual assistant can help you clarify what your show is about and the topics to be discussed.
  • During production, the podcast virtual assistant can act as a sounding board for ideas, suggesting improvements to formatting and structure and helping to brainstorm segments that should be included in each episode.
  • After publishing episodes (and while they’re still posted), the podcast virtual assistant can act as an editor to ensure consistency across all episodes by correcting spelling errors or typos in existing content (written by you).

In A Nutshell

To summarize, you can manage your podcast more efficiently by hiring a virtual assistant to help with administrative tasks. This will allow you to focus on creating content and growing your audience without attending to social media or blog posts.

With so much happening daily in our lives, it is easy for people who work from home and run their own businesses or podcasts to become overwhelmed by the multiple tasks that pile up on their regular workloads.

Hiring someone who can handle these tasks for them will save time while allowing them more freedom over what they do when they aren’t working!


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