Chief of Stuff: More Than Just a Fancy Way of Saying Office Manager

I love the term “Chief of Stuff.” It’s perfect when you need an assistant to handle administrative tasks and manage your schedule. 

Also, I use a virtual assistant to help me keep my business running smoothly. But what’s great about this job title is that it has no negative connotations — it’s just fun! And stuff gets done! 

What is a Chief of Stuff?

Chief of Stuff is a job title describing virtual or remote assistants’ many roles for small business clients. The term is a play on the phrase “chief of staff,” which refers to an executive officer in a military organization who acts as a deputy or assistant to the commanding officer.

While you don’t need to be in any uniform or carry an official rank with this job title, there are some crucial similarities between your role and that of a chief of staff.

As Chief of Stuff for your small business clients, it’s your job to handle all administrative tasks that keep the place running smoothly: answering phones and emails, scheduling meetings, ordering supplies, looking after finances, taking care of human resources (HR) needs like payroll processing and benefits administration…you get it.

You do everything except make products or provide services (that’s what everyone else does).

Where did the term originate? 

“chief of stuff” was coined in a blog post called “The Chief of Stuff” in 2010. It’s an excellent resource if you consider using a virtual assistant to handle administrative tasks and other low-level work, such as email and phone calls.

Suppose you want to learn more about becoming the chief of stuff at your office or read some good writing; head over there now!

A bit of endearment & fun! 

The term is meant to be fun and highlight that virtual assistants “do everything.” I could have just as quickly said, “Chief of Everything.”

As the Chief of Stuff, you will be responsible for everything related to your business and the people you assist. This may include:

  • Managing your calendar and appointments
  • Organizing your email inbox or phone calls
  • Creating and maintaining an online presence (website, social media accounts)
  • Ordering office supplies

But it’s important to note that as a Chief of Stuff, you’re not just a glorified office manager; that is just one part of this job title.

As the jobs sign would state, you’ll also be responsible for managing personal tasks like paying bills or laundry. And if you ever feel overwhelmed by how much there is on your plate at any given time, don’t worry!

Your remote assistant will be happy to help with anything else they can think of—from picking up groceries after work to taking care of personal errands during their lunch break.

The game-changer! 

Today, we have remote assistants, and it blows my mind that no one else talks about them with anywhere close to this kind of enthusiasm.

This is because the term highlights that virtual assistants are doing everything—at least, everything you’re not staffed for.

They’re handling more than just your paperwork and basic HR tasks. Also, they’re helping manage projects and ensure things run smoothly within your business. They’re also keeping track of important information, such as passwords, private notes about clients’ preferences, etc.

And they’re often stepping in as a personal assistant when you need extra support with administrative work or meetings outside of regular business hours (and sometimes during).

In short, if someone were going to be promoted from an entry-level position into management at your company (or any company), they should probably take on some new responsibilities; if those responsibilities involve non-traditional management roles such as those mentioned above…well, then, by all means, call them “Chiefs of Stuff”!

The catch-all term…

A virtual assistant (VA) is a catch-all for an independent contractor who will take care of your to-do list, appointments, paperwork, etc. They can help you with work stuff or personal stuff — whichever needs more help is fine by them.

A remote assistant is an independent contractor who will handle your to-do list, appointments, and paperwork. Plus, they can help you with work stuff or personal stuff — whichever needs more help is fine by them.

A virtual worker is like a secretary on steroids. They do everything from scheduling meetings to organizing your desk drawers. If you have any questions about social media marketing (like I did when I started), they will answer them so that you don’t need to worry about it anymore!

Hire a VA & call them your Chief of Stuff! 

If you’re looking for someone to handle administrative tasks for your business, consider hiring a virtual superstar and calling them the Chief of Stuff! Moreover, virtual assistants, or VAs, are a great way to get extra help with your business.

They’re trained in different skills and can usually be hired based on your needs. For example, if you’re looking for someone to handle administrative tasks for your business, consider hiring a remote assistant and calling them the Chief of Stuff!

To wrap things up

I hope this has helped you understand the Chief of Stuff title better if you want to learn more about what virtual assistants do.

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