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Branding is vital to make an unforgettable impression on your current and future clients. More so, branding will define what the client can expect from you and what sets you apart from your competition – branding defines who and what you are! A key element in branding is having a graphic designer assist you in bringing that idea (that emotion or spirit) of who you are to live. Hiring a full-time on-site graphic designer is often not affordable − this is where a virtual graphic design assistant comes in.

What is a virtual graphic design assistant?

Simply put, a virtual graphic design assistant completes your graphic design tasks remotely.

This means graphic outsourcing the work to a consultant who has studied graphic design, can even hold a bachelor’s degree, and uses professionally designed software to produce high-quality creations that match your brief and your brand identity.

Such people usually work on projects that include everything from product and packaging design to digital marketing material, book covers, and social media creations.

Can’t I just use Canva for my designs?

Some believe using Canva is just as good as hiring a graphic designer. However, this is not true – a vast difference exists between work completed per this (or any other) web-based design tool and a personal graphic designer.

Canva has made graphic design easy, especially for those without any graphic design knowledge, to produce a series of creative designs, making graphic design accessible, especially obtaining a layout.

However, one should also look at the quality, creativity, inspiration, ideas, and the difference between creative products on this platform and those done by a professional – and there is a remarkable difference. To explain this difference, think of Canva as the microwave in the kitchen − it does not make you a chef.

You can quickly cook a simple meal, but it won’t wow anyone. All the microwave will do is take up space; if that is your goal, then fine. But this is the wrong approach if you are serious about your brand and want to be unique.

The reality is that many businesses are struggling, especially with the ongoing impact of the pandemic and continued lockdowns and restrictions.

However, there is a cost-effective approach that has worked for many international corporations. This can work equally well for a small business or start-up venture, namely, hiring a virtual graphic design assistant.

What are the benefits of hiring a virtual graphic design assistant?

Besides saving up to 70% of your business outlay, there are several other benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, such as a graphic design assistant or assistant graphic designer, over an on-site employee, never mind opting to go the Canva route. We should still state that Canva has its place.

Students use Canva to promote social events. However, you are not a student − you are a business. You want professional work representing and differentiating you from your competition – this is the main value of hiring a graphic designer.

Among the tasks a virtual graphic designer can complete are the following:

  • logos
  • website design
  • infographics
  • social media posts
  • branded stationary such as business cards and personalized corporate gifting
  • print design, such as book covers
  • marketing material like brochures, flyers, and posters
  • branded cartoons
  • And most importantly, editing images.

These tasks can be completed according to your unique design bible to reflect your company’s mission and vision. In adhering to your brand identity, you must ensure that your fronts, color, or typography are standardized, your design’s style is consistent, the logo is applied correctly, and all themes or tag lines are used as they should.

Using an unprofessional online design tool does not allow for that bespoke look.

To conclude

Much of the debate or misunderstanding about the value of graphic designers and the notion that apps can replace them comes from managers and most marketing managers and social media managers who fail to grasp the fundamental value of a graphic designer.

This is truly a paradox since it comes from those who should value the uniqueness of the brands they are the custodians of. At times, however, lethargy or their lack of pride appears.

If you want a quality solution to your design needs, you must use a professional graphic designer unless you want your brand to merge into the background and be a dull representation of who you are.

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