3 Things Businesses should do Differently (this Black Friday)

Start promptly, be obvious, and look further than just digital ads for your marketing.

One thing the pandemic has taught us is getting used to the new normal and that previous marketing tactics just aren’t that effective anymore. More so, the lockdowns and COVID-19 have encouraged more customers to shop online than ever before. Research also confirms that this is a trend that will continue. For instance, in the UK, in March 2020, 40% of UK shoppers were brought online, but by February 2021, this number had increased to around 75%.

Here are some great tips for a business to stay agile this Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday shopping season. Many of these strategies have already been implemented by brands as part of their Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns.

1. Begin early to boost your sales (this Black Friday and beyond)

One of the biggest eCommerce businesses, Amazon, started its Black Friday campaign a week before Thanksgiving. You are in trouble if you have not done so yet (remember that this Black Friday is tomorrow). More so, the trend is that companies are launching their seasonal campaigns earlier each year. The reason for this is to get consumers excited, particularly those customers who will make one-time purchases. But before you go crazy with your sales and discounts, you must gauge your market. It would help if you asked whether these discounts will help your sales and brand or whether they might cause a negative effect. Would they, conversely, chip away at your brand value − such might not be repaired that easily? Also, based on your market, work out where you should put your most effort – some companies do better on Thanksgiving Day than this Black Friday. Still, if you haven’t started yet, there is some hope. Smartphones mean that you are basically in the hands of your consumer; therefore, just a click and swipe away. Most of your clients will be browsing for deals on Thursday evening after digesting their turkey and Thanksgiving pie, so be ready!

2. Think more expansively than merely posting emails and digital ads

Emails and paid ads are trusted channels marketers use; however, they cannot be the only tool of choice. Marketing channels can offer a bland, one-size-fits-all message. Add to this your competition, and your message might be lost. A regular eCommerce business will send out around 15 emails over a week −way too many. There are other means by which you can reach your customers. You can employ text marketing and include your SMSs in your marketing strategy to help you reduce shopping cart abandonment rates and surge conversion. As this strategy has not yet been overused, you will stand out until this trend changes.

3. Be honest about interruptions

Your customers are not dumb, so don’t lie to them, disrespect them, and hinder critical information. If you have delays due to a supply-chain crisis, be transparent. You will be surprised how your customers will welcome your honesty. Therefore, inform your clients about the delivery times and the availability of the goods they want. If these goods are Christmas gifts, you don’t want to disappoint − you could lose that client and gain a negative review online! Therefore, being transparent can help your brand and your brand perception. This is important since you want ongoing sales and not a shortsighted promotion. However, it is always best to limit your promotions to what you have in stock, not what you usually stock − and be transparent and honest. Your customers will love you for that.

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