Where Do You Advertise Your Properties?

Online newspaper ads can reach people interested in buying or selling property, as they allow you to post your ad free of charge. Also, the main benefit of paid online newspaper ads is that they are cheap compared to other places. There is no upfront cost, and you can easily change the content and frequency of your ad as needed.

The main disadvantage of online newspaper ads is that they don’t reach as many people as other forms of advertising (e.g., direct mail). Since newspapers have limited circulation areas, only people within those areas will see your ad when you advertise—and even if an interested person lives outside the area but visits regularly enough to read the publication you’ve advertised in, they may not be able to connect with you without traveling several hours out of their way to meet with someone they might otherwise never have met up with. You can only recruit your digital assistant to help with real estate advertisements.

Facebook marketplace, the place to advertise

You can also use the Facebook marketplace to advertise your properties. Potential buyers can use these means to find out about your listings, and it’s easy to do:

  • Go to the Facebook app on your phone or computer browser.
  • Search for ‘marketplace.’
  • Click ‘browse’ and then select ‘listings’ from the options.

Now, you’ll see all the available properties in your area listed by sellers. You can use this information to promote sales of your listed properties or let people know when they’re out there looking!

OnTheMarket.com ideal for English ads 

OnTheMarket.com is a UK real estate agent website launched in 2006 and is now the UK’s second-largest real estate agent website. OnTheMarket has over 2 million listings, including properties for sale, rent, or auction. Zoopla acquired it in 2016, making it part of one of Britain’s leading online property companies.

To use OnTheMarket to advertise your property on behalf of an agent:

  • Register as a user via their website (www.onthemarket.com) − it’s free (you will need to provide your email address)
  • Complete your listing form online and upload photographs of each room within the property or garden where applicable.

Zoopla.com Advertises with Word and Video. 

Zoopla is a property portal that provides access to a wide range of UK property listings. In addition to providing information on the average and previous sales prices of properties, Zoopla also has several other features, including information on schools and local amenities. It’s an ideal choice for estate agents looking for ways of reaching their target audience and promoting their services.


Rightmove.com is a UK property site that offers a variety of advertising options, including:

Rightmove Properties

You can advertise your property under this category and its subcategories. The site has over 8 million unique monthly users, meaning many will see your advertisement.

Also, Rightmove rental ads

You can use this category to advertise rental properties such as apartments, houses, rooms, and holiday homes. This could effectively reach potential tenants interested in renting from you because the site attracts about 3 million monthly visitors.

Rightmove real estate agents

If you’re selling or letting out properties on behalf of other people, this option may be best suited to you. Rightmove allows agents with access to their networks within their local area to publish advertisements about every property they have listed with the company.

Other options

Many advertising options are available to estate agents wanting to increase their reach online. Some of the best ones come at a reduced cost (or no cost at all). Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Local newspaper ads, and Online newspaper ads − SEO techniques used by estate agents to rank highly in Google search results will also help them organize highly on local news sites.

The more links you can get from websites with good page authority, the better! These advertising spaces work exceptionally well for firms specializing in London property or house renovation.

Hire expert help 

Another path is to contact an expert to help you with your advertising. However, this route can be costly. There is an alternative – namely, hiring a virtual assistant to assist. This method is much more cost-effective. It can save you up to 30% compared to hiring an onsite staff member and up to 70% if you had to go to a marketing agency. 


Many options exist for estate agents to advertise their properties online. However, not all of these spaces to promote will work for your business. The trick is finding suitable ad spaces to gain results for you!

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQS

The word “advertise” is a transitive verb in English grammar, which means to offer or make something known, normally for commercial purposes, by using different mediums for instance newspapers, radio, TV, social media, or other online platforms.

Indeed, there are some differences in the usage of “advertise” between American English and British English. For instance, in American English, it is more common to use the verb “advertize” instead of “advertise.” Moreover, some expressions or terms related to advertising may differ between the two variants of English.

Some English terms related to advertising include marketing, promotion, branding, copywriting, media planning, ad campaign, target audience, call-to-action, conversion rate, ROI (return on investment), among others.

In English grammar, dual masculine refers to a form of grammatical gender used to refer to two male objects or persons, while neuter dual is a grammatical category used to refer to two objects or things that have no gender or are gender-neutral. For example, “these two pens” would be dual masculine, while “these two chairs” would be neuter dual.

There are many resources available online to improve your English vocabulary for advertising purposes, including dictionaries, thesauri, word lists, vocabulary quizzes, and language learning platforms. Some popular options include Merriam-Webster, Oxford English Dictionary, Thesaurus.com, Quizlet, and Duolingo. Additionally, you can also read books, articles, and online content related to advertising to expand your knowledge of the topic and improve your language skills.

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