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What Are the Best Software Development Tools for VAs?

As a software developer, you may have heard about software development virtual assistants (VAs). If you haven’t, this does not matter: I’ll give you the rundown of what they are and how you can use them to improve your workflow. I’ll also show you some of my favorites if not the best software development tools for working with VAs. At the end of this article, you’ll be ready to start automating some of your own repetitive tasks!

The best tools will get right to the point

It’s important to use a tool that gets right to the point. For example, if you’re working on an app for a hotel chain, you want a software tool that’s going to help you create the user interface, making sure it works just as well on mobile as it does on desktop. While some software development virtual assistant tools might offer more features than others (for example, testing), they aren’t going to be useful if they don’t do the job of creating your app for you—and quickly!

The tools should all be free or offer a free version

If the tool offers a free version, that’s great! It means you can try the software and see whether it works for your needs. If not, at least you have not spent money on something that doesn’t work for you. Free versions are also good because they allow users to learn how to use the tool before committing time or money to use it permanently. Ask yourself what you’re doing when you type that command into the computer, and the sort of information you’re looking for.

  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • How can a tool help you solve that problem?
  • What are the steps involved in solving that problem?
  • What information do you need to complete each step?

Try doing certain repetitive tasks manually for one day and see how much time it takes

As you think about tasks worth automating, it can help to actually try doing some of them manually for one day. You’ll likely see that you spend too much time on repetitive tasks. This information will be useful when figuring out which tasks should be automated. If you don’t know how to automate a particular task—or even if it seems that your software development virtual assistant tool could do it automatically—look for an app or service that can help with the task, and then run through the process using your own unique data set.

Look for apps that are open source and work on multiple platforms so you can use them in almost any situation.

  • Open-source software is free to use, to modify, and to distribute.
  • It is available on all platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux).
  • Also, it can be used in any situation.

Figure out some of the commands in your IDE or code editor that you’d like to speed up, and focus on those first

You’ll likely have some commands that you use often, and others that you don’t. For example, if you’re working with a code editor or IDE like Visual Studio Code, the ‘Save’ command is probably high on your list of frequently used commands. But when was the last time you used ‘Save All’? To start identifying which commands are in need of automation, look for those that appear in multiple locations throughout your project. If you find yourself having to run the same set of steps over and over again every week, this process will be an excellent candidate for saving time with automation. The same applies to repeated tasks whose execution varies only slightly based on parameters or arguments (for example: running tests against different versions of a library).

Look for these things in your search for good software development VA tools, then try setting up macros or script shortcuts to run the tools quickly via your keyboard

Look for tools that are easy to use

You should be able to get started with your software development tool in just a few minutes. It should be easy for you to find what you need without having to read through an extensive manual or instructions. However, your VA can do this for you! 

Look for free or low-cost solutions

Many of these services offer freemium versions of their products that are more than sufficient for small businesses and freelancers such as yourself. Some even offer free trials so that you can try out their services before making any kind of commitment.

Look for apps that work on multiple platforms and can be accessed from anywhere through a web browser or mobile app (if available). This will allow your virtual assistant access to the same information no matter where they are working from or which device they’re using while they do their job!

Look for tools built with open-source technology so everyone has equal access to the codebase—this means no hidden fees or costs associated with purchasing special features just because certain companies own them privately nowadays.

You can also look for some great Black Friday deals on various tools used in SEO, SAAS and other businesses you might support.


Now that you know what to look for in good if not the best software development tools, it’s time to start testing some programs and seeing which ones fit your needs. Remember, it’s okay if none of them is perfect at first—you can always keep tweaking until you find something that works best!

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