Shopify Expert: Take Your E-Commerce Business to New Highs

Shopify has 25% of the global e-commerce market. Unlike Amazon, you can build your brand on Shopify. However, you will need your website. Stepping up your storefront on Shopify is easy, and you can access clients internationally in 175 countries. However, hiring a Shopify expert is best if you aren’t familiar with Shopify. A Shopify expert can help you design and customize your storefront to match your brand. 

Hiring Shopify Experts

The biggest issues for e-commerce businesses are the lack of time and difficulty hiring the right talent to help. The problem with hiring talent is typically a time lag in recruitment. Once you hire the right person, you must retain your talent.

Besides, hiring onsite staff is expensive. However, you can hire a virtual Shopify expert at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, your business will benefit significantly from hiring a Shopify pro. A Shopify assistant can help create, maintain, and grow your online store. Such an assistant can also help deal with technical issues, thus ensuring that your shop operates smoothly. 

Benefits of Hiring a Shopify Expert

Hiring an expert makes sense if you have the time or the technical skills. Doing so has several benefits. 

Expertise and Experience

A smoothly running site means a better customer experience, which can lead to more sales. Also, your marketing, advertising, website development, and product development can all be delegated to your virtual assistant. If you try to do everything yourself, you will spread yourself too thinly and not make progress. 

Personalization and Customization

Apart from a good user experience, personalization and customization are your keys to success, especially if you want to build a strong brand. Building a strong brand is also beneficial in ensuring loyal customers increase their numbers. More than recognizing your brand, customers continue to return. In the long term, such action saves you money because maintaining clients costs less than finding new customers. 

Either way, your Shopify expert can bring life to your e-commerce store to match your unique brand. By customizing your site, you can stand out from the competition. In terms of clients, perfecting the site to their preferences will boost their shopping experience. For instance, a Shopify expert can implement personalized email marketing tools and tailor your product recommendations. 

Save Time and Resources

Wasting time on tasks you dislike or struggle with is not a productive way of managing time and resources. Delegating tasks to a virtual assistant saves you time. With the right skills, such an assistant can manage your Shopify store efficiently while you focus on your crucial work. 

Maintenance and Support

A virtual assistant can help you with your store’s day-to-day operation. The assistant can handle technical aspects such as customer data, inquiries, and business reports, managing everything efficiently. Your product research will also determine what to put on your website—in other words, the content, ads, and product listing. Applied analytics can make many improvements. 


Although hiring a virtual Shopify expert offers many benefits, there are some disadvantages you should be aware of to mitigate them. Hiring an onsite Shopify expert is expensive. You can mitigate this disadvantage by hiring a virtual Shopify assistant, which is almost 60% less. For a small business, that can be a benefit. Moreover, hiring a virtual assistant may threaten your onsite team. You must clearly and effectively communicate with your team to ease their fears.

However, you should be aware of communicating with your team and mindful of communicating with your virtual assistant to avoid misunderstanding. You should have regular one-on-ones with the assistant. Thus, understanding how they communicate can help. More so, trust your team. When you delegate, you need to let go. Not only will you grow personally, but your business will grow. 

Best Practices for Hiring the Perfect Shopify Expert

Here are the three crucial steps you need to take when hiring your ecommerce expert. 

Understanding Your Needs

You must outline your needs, underlining where you need help. Once you have set your goals, you can also define your expectations and look for opportunities. You can then differentiate the tasks you want to delegate from those you want to manage personally. 

Consider Experience and Expertise

As with any other role, you need the right work experience. When you contact your recruiting firm, they can manage this aspect for you. For instance, at Aristo Sourcing, only 2% of applications are cut. The problem is that when you hire a freelancer on a freelancer site, you will not have this selection process expertly done for you and will place yourself and your business at risk. 

The Bottom Line: Shopify Expert 

Having an expert managing your e-commerce means better success. A Shopify expert can help you with key and time-consuming tasks. Although there are some disadvantages, the benefits outweigh these. Hiring a Shopify expert makes sense if you want to grow your brand and online store. 


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